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The Last Station: Kallavan (마지막 정거장: 칼라반) is the third arc of the fourth story of the second volume of the Tower of God series.

Arc Summary

Ha Jinsung intercepts Kallavan, demanding him to confront him, or else he will destroy their ship with El Robina's shinsu cannon. After this threat, Kallavan decides to face Jinsung, saying that if they can't get past him, the whole operation could fail. Jinsung remembers how they first met, around 3000 years ago, when Kallavan was just a Ranker in a sector of the Tower that was outside the control of the Rulers, protecting something that was called the "Essence of Bravery". After praising his strength, Jinsung said to Kallavan that he should take said the Essence and use it before leaving. That same day, Kallavan decided to take the Essence for his own, and by the next time Jinsung met him, he was already a changed person, with a power comparable to High Rankers. Jinsung left after Kallavan rejected his offer to become a FUG Slayer. Back in the present, they start fighting, and after an even exchange, Kallavan decides to show his real power, using the Essence of Bravery. Jinsung takes a substantial amount of damage from one of Kallavan's attacks; after a quick flashback remembering his time with Baam, Jinsung performs Transcendental Skill: Dragon Tiger Gate - Ultimate Floral Butterfly Piercing Technique and makes a hole in Kallavan's stomach. Jinsung thinks he has won, but to his surprise, Kallavan is still standing, grabbing Jinsung's arms and "destroying" them with a direct attack. Khun Maschenny Zahard then shows up behind Ha Jinsung and stabs him with her lightning spear, making clear she betrayed him. With his remaining strength, Jinsung orders the El Robina shinsu cannon to shoot Kallavan's ship, using reverse-flow control to stop Kallavan and Khun Maschenny Zahard from blocking the attack, but Kallavan resists it and gets to the ship right before it gets destroyed.

Levy finds Rak, Hockney, Hwa Ryun and Khun Aguero Agnis and notices that Khun might be an important person for the group considering how they were carrying him though the station, so he decides to attack them and kidnap Khun. After using his Question spell on Hockney, Rak attacks him with his newly found powers, overwhelming him with giant hands made of stone, to the point where Levy asks Rak to let him go. Hwa Ryun asks Rak to let him go and to keep moving, and Rak listens.

After cornering the army, Evankhell gets interrupted by the Ruler of the 44th Floor, Khun Royale Elliot, and they engage in a fight. Evankhell's flames reach the place where the hostages were, so Yuri Zahard teleports them away, closer to where Baam was, arguing that it was to protect them. While trying to get to the hostages, Baam gets intercepted by Charlie. They engage in a fight and, after realizing that they couldn't do anything, Androssi and Miseng leave to get the hostages to somewhere safe. Meanwhile, Baam fights Charlie and, right before he gets hit by Charlie's needle, Yuri Zahard sends Black March to Baam, protecting him in the process. Baam has a conversation with Black March, and she reveals that Baam was still holding back. She offers her powers to make Baam's powers last longer, Baam accepts this and ignites the needle. Baam attacks Charlie and their ship, creating an opening for Androssi to take the hostages, but in doing so, he catches Elpathion's attention, and proceeds to order the army to focus on Baam. Androssi takes advantage of this opening and teleports the hostages with Bong Bong, leaving only Rachel and Ha Yura on the battlefield.

Baam continues to fight against Charlie and his companion, after resisting Charlie's White Noise and attacking him with Endless Sky, Ari Bright Sharon appears to handle the fight. Just when Sharon attacks Baam, Karaka and White appear to protect him after escaping the prison with the help of Evan Edrok. At the same time, Yuri Zahard and Ha Cheonhee start fighting, and after a flashback showing how they met and their past story, Yuri overwhelms Cheonhee.

Karaka convinces Baam to leave the battlefield. Charlie tries to stop him so Baam has to stab himself with the Black March, getting an overwhelming power that allows him to defend himself against the Rankers and facilitate the escape of Androssi, Miseng and the hostages. Right before they get to escape, Kallavan shows up in front of Baam and stops him. Kallavan tells Baam about Ha Jinsung and how he died. Baam's reaction was to attack him with the Black March, achieving nothing. Yuri Zahard leaves her fight with Ha Cheonhee to protect Baam from Kallavan. Baam gets enraged by Kallavan's acts and uses the second Thorn, stabbing himself with it.

Yuri Zahard tries to fight Kallavan but he has no problem defending against her attacks. Baam uses the first Thorn Transcendental Skill: Stardust to attack Kallavan while Hwa Ryun, Rak and Hockney find a way to warp the Last Station. Right before Baam decides to ignite the second Thorn, Karaka and Evankhell show up to protect him from Kallavan's attacks. Evankhell makes Kallavan notice the damage that Baam's attack has made on Kallavan's injured body, and tells him that not having killed Baam when he had the chance will be his greatest mistake.

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