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The Last Station: Evankhell (마지막 정거장: 에반켈) is the second arc of the fourth story of the second volume of the Tower of God series.

Arc Summary

Evan decides to use a part of Karaka's armor and the gate generator on Kallavan's ship to bring Karaka's allies to the battleground, recognizing that while this might get people killed, it's the best thing to do to ensure their survival. Baam and Androssi receive the message that the other team got captured and are being held hostage, they wonder if Hwa Ryun knew about this outcome.

Baam decides that he will do everything in his power to save them. Baam and the rest of his team get reunited in the Last Station's suit. When confronted by Baam, Hwa Ryun admits that she lied about the other team being the ones with the most chances of survival. Ha Cheonhee warns Baam's team that they only have 40 minutes to surrender. After this, Baam takes a decision and goes to save his companions.

Evankhell fighting the forces of Kallavan.

EvankhellYu Han Sung and the rest of Karaka's servants make their entrance at the Last Station's battlefield. Khul Nissam Kay recognizes Evankhell as the strongest of the group and tries to fight her, but she defeats him and his two subordinates, Jay and Weye, effortlessly. After causing massive destruction with Rare Orb: Inferno, Evankhell is faced by Elpathion and Ari Bright Sharon.

Meanwhile, Baam gets intercepted by Androssi and Miseng and they join forces. Miseng shows her new powers and defeats the Purple Eye Brothers.

After a fruitless discussion with Evankhell, Elphathion decides to engage and Sharon informs that she will take the place of the Fisherman. Sharon manages to destroy Evankhell's needle, and in a joint attack with Elphathion, they try to hold off Evankhell's flames. Evankhell uses the partial release of the Ancient Power and promise to show them real hell. Baam, Androssi and Miseng get to the warships and charge right to where the hostages are.

At the same time, Yu Han Sung manages to get past Dorian and attacks Ha Cheonhee, who was protecting the hostages, with his Lethal Move: Rapid-Fire Shinsu Cannon. After Cheonhee protects herself from Han Sung's attack, she proceeds to attack him with her Shining Fan with Yuri Zahard saving him. After this, a group of C-rank Regulars offer their help to eliminate Baam, Androssi and Miseng but they get easily defeated by Baam's Orb.

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