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The Hell Train: The Floor of Death (지옥열차: 죽음의 충) or simply just The Floor of Death (죽음의 충) is the tenth arc of the third story of the second volume of the Tower of God series.

Arc Summary

Reaching the Floor of Death, both Baam's group and Rachel's group delve inside the Floor after a brief altercation however, during their descent, Baam and Hockney get separated from the rest of their group. While Khun and Yuri's group made their own way into the Floor with the help of a Red Witch, Baam and Hockney were let in the front door where they soon met Garam Zahard, who took them to North City.

Karaka met with Hell Joe while the Red Witches requested that Yuri liberate South City from Hell Joe. Meanwhile, Garam informed Baam of the creation of Zahard's Princesses, the hidden Irregulars and the story of Enryu's slaughter of the 43rd Floor Guardian. Catching wind of intruders, Hell Joe made a Floor-wide announcement that he had one of the Thorn fragments, eliciting the action of Khun and Yuri's group.

While Garam took Baam to Grand De Jah's castle, in South City, Yuri and Evan started the charge against Hell Joe's commanders and Khun's group went to free Grand De Sah. Elsewhere on the Floor, Karaka told Hoaqin about the Spirit Room and Rachel's group headed there. However, Rachel rushed off first and encountered Baam at the castle; the two conversed briefly before meeting with Grand De Jah, who told the two that the foretold saviour that defeated Hell Joe would receive the Thorn hidden in the Spirit Room. Grand De Lee took them to Hell Joe's fortress via a secret path. Meanwhile, an annoyed Karaka got ready to forcefully extract information about Rachel's whereabouts until Urek Mazino arrived and nonchalantly suppressed him, but not before Karaka escaped with Hoaqin in tow.

Rachel, Baam, and De Lee reached the corridors of the Red Fortress with Baam showing his power by killing Fabregas. Outside, Hell Joe made his appearance, asking for a possessed Yuri's help. However, Garam arrived, trying to suppress the entity but was only successful when Baam suddenly appeared, returning Yuri to normal. Infuriated by it all, Hell Joe utilised the Red Thryssa's power and attacked. Driving them into a corner, Hockney revealed his foresight to the group, eventually enabling Urek Mazino to enter the fray and counter Hell Joe's wild powerful attacks. With Urek (and Baam) combating Hell Joe, Khun's group eventually found De Sah's prison and freed him with Hwa Ryun obtaining the Soul-Stirring Ladle in the process.

Urek (with a little help from Baam) defeated Hell Joe and tore the Red Thryssa from him, killing it. With the tyrant down, Joe lamented the power he had lost as well as Urek for taking it from him. Meanwhile, Karaka and Hoaqin reached the Spirit Room and Hoaqin absorbed the souls held there, causing the inhabitants of the Floor to fall. At that, Karaka and an empowered Hoaqin fled but soon encountered Po Bidau Gustang at the exit to the Floor. Noticing, the souls he had absorbed, Gustang said Hoaqin was free to leave before watching the latter fail to do so due to the original spell's effects. Patronising Hoaqin for being weak, Gustang removed the souls from him just as Urek and the others arrived. Gustang then chastised Urek for playing around before personally talking to the "son of Arlen".

Gustang told Baam that he needed him to do a favour in exchange for a Thorn fragment: enter the Hidden Floor and retrieve "it" from the data of young Zahard. Agreeing, Gustang then healed Rachel. Meanwhile, in the Hidden Floor, a young Zahard spotted Rak. With everyone leaving the Floor of Death and returning to the Hell Train, Gustang wiped the memories of all the Floor's inhabitants as Urek looked on bitterly.

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Notes and Trivia

  • Consisting of 28 chapters, this is by far the second longest story arc of the Tower of God series in terms of the number of chapters.


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