This page is about the sixth arc of the third story of the Volume 2 revolving around a test with the same name. If you were looking for the test itself, go here instead.

The Hell Train: The Dallar Show (지옥열차: 달러쇼) or simply just The Dallar Show (달러쇼) is the sixth arc of the third story of the second volume of the Tower of God series.

Arc Summary

Poro Poe announced the game, "Dallar Show", to the Regulars and then explained the rules. Watching from the office, Pedro, the train conductor, revealed to Yuri that the Regular she was looking for was actually Jyu Viole Grace and Slayer candidate of FUG.

Yuri and Pedro getting ready to fight

At the train conductor's office, Pedro admitted that he was hiding something, revealing that the two white Regulars below, Hoaqin and Vicente, were actually two parts of the infamous FUG Slayer White. Evan called him out on the ridiculousness of the previous bet between him and Yuri, but Pedro coolly replied that it was alright and that the only people violating the rules of the Tower were them. Yuri managed to expose Pedro's schemes to the Zahard Family with the aid of Jaina Repellista Zahard's Opera. Having the tables turned, Yuri then declared that she would crush Pedro and goaded him into fighting back.

Hoaqin succesfully absorbing his siblings' souls

Meanwhile, the game started. There were 3 rounds in total. The first one was "Catching the Sweetfish" game with Khun and Bero Bero representing Team Baam while Rachel and Buelsar Elliot representing Team Hoaqin. The first round ended up with Team Baam's victory. The second round was called "Transferring the Sweetfish" game and once again ended up with Team Baam's triumph. However, during the second game, Hoaqin was also managed to gain some of his old power back by absorbing his other siblings: Vicente, Anna, and David.

Baam getting the power of the souls from Hoaqin's clone

During the final round of the Dallar Show, "Go to Hell", Jyu Viole Grace defeated Hoaqin with the aid of the power of the souls from Hoaqin's final clone. Floating above the boiling acid, the defeated Hoaqin reminisced to the time he encountered his father, Arie Hon, and told him of his ambition to surpass him. After showing him the Arie Family Altar, Hon told Hoaqin that no matter how hard he tried, Hoaqin would never surpass him here and if he wanted to do so, he would have to leave and return as a demon.

Suddenly, Boiling Acid burst through the roof and fell into the arena, surprising everyone and interrupting Khun's interrogation of Rachel; Rachel then told her opponent that FUG never had any intention of letting them escape and finished by saying she would go to the Floor of Death to recover a piece of Enryu's Thorn. Ha Yura then shifted into action leaping up and getting ready to teleport away with Hoaqin, Rachel, Cassano and the Traveller. Rachel revealed to

Yuri hugging Baam

Khun that the Dallar Show was rigged in order to melt Viole and Enryu's Thorn altogether, as the core rapidly began to fill with the boiling substance. As Rachel and Yura were about to escape, Baam called out to her but she told him that when they next met, they would be enemies.

As the remaining Regulars in the arena headed towards a crack in the ceiling where the boiling acid was pouring from, the situation worsened until Yuri suddenly appeared, praising the group for their efforts. At that, she created a Shinsu Bubble and escaped with everyone to safety. With everyone wondering who Yuri was, Baam asked how the Princess managed to get inside the Train. Yuri merely hugged him in response and congratulated him before telling him to take a break, which Baam acknowledged.

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