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The Hell Train: Revolution Road (지옥열차: 레볼루션 로드) or simply just Revolution Road (레볼루션 로드) is the second arc of the third story of the second volume of the Tower of God series.

Arc Summary

Yuri Zahard and Evan Edrok visited Repellista Zahard's vacation castle after the latter had called Yuri. Despite being called, Yuri was forced to subdue the suspiciously-acting Royal Guards protecting the castle before she met up with her younger sister. While Evan confronted his fellow family member, Alumik Edrok, about his actions, Repellista gave Yuri an Express Ticket and told her that she would board the Hell Express since the boy she was looking for, Twenty-Fifth Baam, would be on it in a year.

Repellista telling Yuri the whereabout of Baam

On a private train for Regulars going to Train City, Boro sat alongside his 'students', Hanool Kang and Felix. A blue-skinned Regular then arrived in their carriage, revealing his two Express Tickets. The Regular then attacked Boro after finding out that Boro held an Express Ticket, knocking out Felix in the process, but Boro eventually killed him. Boro then became aware that the Regular had used Emile to find out about his Express Ticket. Later, Boro went to another carriage and encountered a mysterious person who asked him if he held an Express Ticket because he was looking for people to join him in the tournament at Train City.
Meanwhile, on another private train for Regulars, Ran's team re-group after ruthlessly searching for Express Tickets. Learning about the tournament being held at Train City, Ran decided that their team should join in order to get Beniamino Cassano.

After being questioned, Baam detailed to Boro, Hanool and the young lady why he was joining the tournament announced by Emile whilst Ran decided that their team would join the tournament, regardless of whether it was a trap, in order to capture Cassano. Elsewhere, a strange cloaked Regular, who is a member of Rachel's group, finished his merciless killings of the Regulars in his train carriage and sat down, eagerly waiting to arrive in Train City.

Baam was able to ally himself with Boro, and they met up with Hwa Ryun and Rak at the Hell Train's first station. Ran and his team also arrived, yet decided to fight the Mirotic guardian, a device that protected the Hell Train before boarding was allowed. They were unable to defeat it, but did encounter the strange cloaked Regular from Rachel's group, Daniel Hatchid.

The tournament begins: Baam's team facing Yura's

The mysterious tournament soon began, with the Baam/Boro team being matched up with a newcomer, Ha Yura, and her team. Yura gained the advantage early on using her suitcase, which in fact contained a powerful Lighthouse. However, Baam was able to overcome her through sheer persistence (and some of the Thorn's power), forcing her to tell him the location of Rachel. Yura revealed that the tournament was a mere diversion and that Rachel's group would be stealing the Hell Train itself while the battles went on. She then escaped, aiming to join Rachel on the train.

Rachel's group bypassed the Mirotic guardian by using the remote to turn it off and travelled to the train platform. It was revealed that they had enlisted the aid of Poro Poe, who had given them the remote along with access to the Train. However, Baam's team, along with Boro, Ran's team, and another Ticket Holder's team (Aka's) caught up with Ha Yura but had to engage the Mirotic guardian when she switched it back on.

After Baam and Hwa Ryun bypassed the guardian and briefly caught up to Yura again, Daniel Hatchid confronted Baam, whilst Boro (who also got past the guardian) fought against a swordsman recruited by Yura. Boro won his fight and saw Daniel fighting Baam, which shocked him; Daniel then fled with Baam and Boro giving chase. Angel, another member of Rachel's group who had just defeated and captured Hwa Ryun, fled with Daniel, but Baam, enhanced by the Thorn, continued to give chase.

Just as Yura had arrived at the platform and Rachel's group was readying to depart, Khun Aguero Agnis arrived, along with Yeon Yihwa and Ja Wangnan, and they began fighting Rachel and Cassano. Then, Daniel and Angel appeared with Baam arriving right behind them.

Baam goes berserk after hearing Rachel's words

Upon seeing Rachel, who acted coldly to his presence, a heavily confused Baam became enraged, causing the Thorn to go berserk. When Rachel's group then began trying to escape, Baam attacked with immense new powers eventually forcing the Mad Dog to hold him off. Although the Mad Dog was very powerful, Baam forced him back and was on the verge of either capturing or destroying Rachel's group. Now airborne, when Rachel spoke to him again, shocking him so much that he stopped his attack long enough for her to push him into freefall. As Baam was falling, Khun launched his special blade into the open Hell Train door just before Rachel's group got inside and Beta caught Baam.

Once inside the Hell Train, Rachel's group quickly came across the first set of train guardians whilst Khun and the others returned back to the stadium to sort everything out.

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Notes and Trivia

  • With 40 chapters in total, this is the longest story arc of the Tower of God series so far in terms of the number of chapters.


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