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The Green April is the fourth episode of Season 1 of the Tower of God anime.

Official Synopsis

At the end of the first round of the Crown Game, Anaak, wielder of the ever-changing sword "The Green April," sits upon the throne. Bam, Khun, and Rak wait for the right moment to participate. Will they survive until the end of this bonus game? [1]

Detailed Summary

Adapted from crunchyroll recap

Bam screams at Rachel as she and her allies stand silently ... only to realize this can't really be Rachel. He doesn't believe she would treat him this way.

Back in the Crown Game arena, Anak's team fights over who should wear the crown. Ship Leesoo understands he's the weakest of his group and thinks it should be him that is protected by his allies. Of course, it doesn't matter. If the wearer of the crown moves from the throne, their group will lose automatically. Anak will get to keep her place ... for now.

Before the next group can enter, Hatsu gives Ship a pep talk. During the team's argument over the throne the truth came out, Ship never believed he was a great fighter. Hatsu tells Ship he believed in him — it's only natural to trust your teammates. This excites Ship, putting him back in the mood to fight.

Ship Leesoo kisses Hatsu in Tower of God

Bam, Khun, and Rak decide to sit out the second round of the Crown Game — after Rak is bribed with a bunch of chocolate bars, of course — but two teams sign up for the showdown this time. Ship Leesoo will face off against the competitive woman from the sleepy guy's group, at last.

Clocker's team makes a rush for Hatsu but he expertly thwarts their attacks. A very bored Anak yawns as she watches the scuffle. Meanwhile, Ship thinks he has his own fight against the competitive woman and her horned teammate is going well, but they get the drop on him. Thankfully, Hatsu comes to his rescue.

In a flashback we find out Lauroe (the sleepy guy has a name!) decided his group should fight in the second round. He recognizes the longer the rounds go on, the more likely Anak will be removed from the throne. And he doesn't want that to happen because he thinks he can take her out. He just needs Ship and Hatsu to be distracted.

Just when Hatsu is distracted by Ship's overzealous gratitude for saving him, Lauroe wakes from his nap and hurls a giant wave of Shinsu directly at Anak. Luckily, Hatsu is able to shout a warning to Anak, buying her time to dodge the wave while protecting the crown from falling from her head.

Anak's masterful evasion of the Shinsu elicits very different reactions from the participants. Bam's Black March begins to vibrate again. Ship is happy to see she is OK. Hatsu is immediately wary — he knows something is about to go down. Anak is upset she was awakened from her own nap — a feeling Lauroe admits he can fully understand.

Lauroe implores Anak to give up, because of his Shinsu he can attack the throne from anywhere. This only seems to anger Anak even more. She activates her whip-like weapon, sending multiple whips sprawling throughout the room. Lauroe is left to wonder if he made a mistake in thinking he could steal the throne from this little lizard girl.

After seeing this new, deadlier version of Anak's whip, Khun decides his group should forfeit the Bonus Test. He thinks using an Ignition Weapon — which he assumes Anak's whip to be — is against the rules. Bam's Black March sword begins to rattle uncontrollably and he struggles to keep it in his hands. Anak notices the activation of the Black March as her vines begin to disappear back into her weapon. This could have been Lauroe's chance, but competitive Serena and horned Hoh drag him back into their waiting room, forfeiting the match.

As Bam continues fighting to hold his sword steady, the grate to their waiting room is blown open. Anak appears at the entrance. She gave up her position on the throne to ask Bam why he is in possession of the Black March. Anak deems Bam unworthy of the weapon and Khun announces that the lizard girl is incredibly dangerous. Anak demands that Bam give the Black March over to her. Her own weapon — the Green April — is part of the same 13 Month Series as Bam's. Of course, it's fine for her to have one of these weapons and not Bam because she is a Princess of Zahad.

Bam refuses to give Anak the Black March, he has to return it to Princess Yuri. She prepares to take the sword from Bam by force, but Leroro steps in and puts an end to the fight before it can even start. Before heading back to her waiting room, Anak offers Bam a bet. If his team can last until the end of the Crown Game, she will give him the Green April. But if his team loses, she will become the owner of the Black March. Bam tries to turn down the bet, but Anak promises him she will kill him for his sword after the Bonus Test, anyway. Before Bam can make up his mind, Khun and Rak do it for him. The bet is on and the Crown Game will continue.

The mysterious ranker grins in Tower of God

As the losing team makes its way back to their waiting room, Rachel's mysterious teammate whispers to Anak, calling her an imposter as a smile spreads across her face. Anak attempts to attack the participant but her teammates put a stop to it.

Bam apologizes to Khun and Rak for forcing them to fight before they had initially planned to but Khun is happy with the results -- Anak is down from the throne. Besides, Khun is starting to recognize just why Bam is so special: his loyalty. Khun is comfortable fighting by Bam's side now. And what good timing, the allies will have to face off against a whole bushel of teams now. Everyone's coming out of the woodwork now that the little lizard girl is out of the picture.

Just as everyone starts to make a rush for the throne, Khun reveals he's already gotten hold of it. He could put an end to this round in an instant. But he decides it would be much more fun to fight his competitors anyway. He stashes the crown in his briefcase and challenges them to take it from him. Growing tired of fighting, Khun decides to let his competition take each other out and hurls the crown into the middle of the room as he instructs them to fight amongst themselves instead. And, of course, they do.

In the chaos, Khun places Bam on the throne and gives him the crown. The real crown, which he has been in possession of the entire time. The fake crown sitting on the floor surrounded by the Regulars who had just been fighting over it.

Seeing Bam on the throne, Rachel's mysterious teammate decides it's time to get ready for the next round. She asks if it is OK to kill all of their competitors. Rachel takes a long look at Bam before giving her answer: yes.



Changes from Webtoon

Show / Hide Changes
  • In the webtoon, due to Bam not noticing Rachel earlier, there is no panel where Bam contemplates whether it is Rachel or not.
  • Rak is not impatient about joining the game, which also means that Khun bribing him with 10 chocolate bars did not happen.
  • Due to Black March being changed into a sword in the anime[2], Deod and Hatz talk about swords being less and less useful in the tower was cut.
  • Hatz's attempt to kill Laure was cut
  • Lero-Ro's monologue about Anaak Jahad was shortened.
  • Anaak's rant about Bam not knowing his place and Lero-ro's response was cut
  • Rak's famous line "The game without me doesn't mean anything" was cut.
  • Endorsi Jahad's muffled line to Anaak was revealed a lot sooner to be Endorsi calling Anaak an imposter.
  • Due to Levin's earlier departure from the show, Full Black took his place on Catan's Team.
  • The other teams agreeing to go after Khun together was cut.
  • The fight between the teams were changed significantly. Since the teams had not agreed to take down Khun together, there was less focus on targeting Khun's team. This lead to Bam being less at risk of getting hurt and Rak not getting to do any fighting. There were also less ranged fighting due to Chichi not having his marble gun and Levin not being present.
  • Sunwoo Nare's fascination with Khun's briefcase and its potential worth was cut.

Notes and Trivia

  • Full Black's outfit is a reference to One Piece character Roronoa Zoro. This outfit is anime-only and not present in the Webtoon.



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