Cursed people
They were cursed with a terrible spell and became the "cursed people". They were cursed by having their species to die off slowly and was forced to keep their identities hidden.

Hwang explained Ha Yura's parents history[1]

The 'Cursed People' are the people who were cursed with a terrible spell because they betrayed Zahard and 10 Great Families after their great journey ended.[1] It is unknown what kind of spell that was used, but the spell effect are so cruel.

According to Hwang, one of the three Big Breeder of the Hidden Floor, also known as Big Breeder "Yellow", the spell effects are as follows:[1]

  • 1.) They were born with a male and female side in a single body and either lost their reproductive ability;
  • 2.) Their original power got sealed off;
  • 3.) The chances of them having a stillbirth increased to the extreme rate even if they got pregnant, so their numbers were on the decrease.

Cases and Examples

  • Ha Yura's father the third curse. Yura and his twin brother also inherit the curse, but Yura was able to be freed from the curse thanks to the blessing of Ha Family.
  • Rak Wraithraiser (suspected, predictions), the second curse.
  • Aka Williams (suspected, predictions), the first curse.

Trivia & Notes

  • It is unknown what kind of betrayal they did, but fans do believe it has something to do with them choose to fight alongside Arlen Grace and V's resistance to fight war against Zahard that were known as 'The Great War Era'.


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