The Crown’s Fate is the fifth episode of Season 1 of the Tower of God anime.

Official Synopsis

Bam's team defends the crown from the looming Regulars. As they charge into battle one after alone, Bam is distracted by a lone girl. The Regulars attack Bam, but... [1]

Detailed Summary

Adapted from crunchyroll recap

We get an answer to one mystery right out the gate, and thank goodness for that, because there are so many more questions we need answers to at this point. Khun's briefcase holds the ability to copy items placed inside it like some weird Xerox-branded Mary Poppins bag. That's how he was able to get a hold of extra crowns. Oh, but that's not all. He also managed to smuggle extra allies into his bag. He did say he would rather have extra help than murder people in the culling test. His newly released allies know it's time to help Khun when he ties his hair up in a bandanna. And let's just say, the look is fire. Oh, and Rachel doesn't want to kill Bam, after all? She defends him during the fight and insists her group isn't after the crown. This lady is a puzzle, to say the least.

Khun's smuggled allies take out most of the teams opposing his, save for one very stubborn (and talented) fighter in a catsuit. This Regular makes an attack on Rachel, causing Bam to leave the throne and crown behind as he protects her ... and literally becomes Shinsu, destroying the crown and forcing the game to end without a winner in the process.

The results of the Crown Game leave Lero Ro reeling. He now feels distrustful of the Administrators and the test as a whole. Though he has to admit Bam could certainly use his powers to destroy the Tower if he wanted to and the Crown Game did reveal that information. As Lero Ro grapples with the results of the Bonus Test, Rachel makes an appearance at Bam's hospital room — she has a request to make of Khun.



Changes from Webtoon

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  • Every team other than Bam's team is eliminated in round three by getting blown away by Rak's spear throw, instead of getting eliminated due to Bam sitting on the throne with the real crown in under five minutes.
  • Rather than manipulating Shinsu to save Rachel, Bam turns into a blast of Shinsu.
  • In the webtoon, Bam falls directly unconscious after saving Rachel. In the anime, Bam attempts to attack Hwaryun, but is stopped by the Black March's spirit, who freezes time and causes Bam to fall unconscious with a kiss.
  • Hansung Yu's and Lero Ro's conversation is considerably shorter than in the webtoon.

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  1. Episode 5 Crunchyroll


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