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The Cage (Attack Mode) (더 케이지 공격형 개조 버전, Deo Keiji Gong-Gyeoghyeong Gaejo Beojeon) is the modified version of The Cage specifically prepared for the Battle of The Nest.

Appearances and Design

Normally, there are three pillars (symbolism of the Three Fangs[1] for Baylord Brothers) on the front nose of The Cage. But, in this modified version "attack mode", the three pillars were replaced with a large long structure equipped with a massive shinsoo cannon on it's weapon's module.[2] Apparently, the Canines crews named the structure as "The Needle Launcher"[3]

After The Cage successfully breached into the first defensive wall area of The Nest with the help of FUG Elder Khel Hellam and Soo-oh's special teleportation combination technique, Baylord Yama then ordered the crews of The Cage to fire their massive shinsoo cannon to test the defense power of the second defensive wall. However, the second defensive wall stayed intact and no damage. Seeing their shinsoo cannon attack didn't work, Yama then ordered the crews to prepare the "Ultra-Heavyweight Needle".[2]

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