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In The Cage, strength is both power and wealth. There are 3 types of people in this place, pure outsider Humans like both of you, Canine Lords who inherited ancient power of Lord Yama and his brothers, and Mutts like us who came and settled here after wandering the tower.

Gyugung to Ship Leesoo and Hatsu[2]

The Cage (더 케이지, Deo Keiji) is a huge, tall, large-height Floating Castle which is used as "home" for the Canine People (Dog Race or Dog Kin). This Floating Ship is led by Slayer No.7 of FUG, Baylord Yama and most likely feels like "headquarters or base" of Yama for his daily activities and business.

During the Battle of The Nest, The Cage was upgraded into a more Attack-Focused Version before it was completely destroyed after the flagship under Po Bidau Lyborick Khun exploded.[3]

Appearances and Design

The Cage is very huge, tall, and mostly dominated with red and white color. There are three pillars (symbolism of the Three Fangs[4] for Baylord Brothers) on the front nose of Floating Ship. The Cage also has two wide wings. There is a red white giant massive structure below the ship which looks like animal teeth or fang.


The Cage has a very tight and safe security system. There are many Observers that doing surveillance[2]. According to the explanation of Chang Blarode, The Cage is completely shielded and its location keeps changing, so it was difficult to track and enemies find it hard to break in. The Cage security system contains entrance code and location status. These code and location status will only be delivered in a particular way to a very few trustworthy visitors and it's never even been leaked to an insider. Even the delivered location status is not accurate, so it's almost impossible to pinpoint the exact location of The Cage.[5]

According to Chang, "the angels" or "partners" of the "three Mad Dog" was always in charge of delivering these secret information and news update about The Cage to the Mad Dogs.[5] So, the angels such Angel and Ron Mei will most likely have the entrance code and location status of the cage.


  • Sports Entertainment, Madorako says that Yama is one of the richest FUG Slayers. Yama is most likely generated that much money from this kind of entertainment.[2]

Locations and Places

  • Swimming Pool or Bath, where Yama and his executives (Gado, Culden, Jordan, and an uknown canine, might be a servant) are relaxing. [6]
  • Many Skyscrapers[2]
  • Business Area, there are many Observers that do surveillance.[2]
  • Canhong's Private Room, for gym[2]
  • Landing base, parking of Madoraco's transport ship that was used by Karaka, Death Lady, and Jyu Viole Grace to hold a meeting with Lord Yama. [7]. Another Landing base also was seen in the arrival of the three leaders Baylord Paul's underlings (Grande, Tall, Venti)[8].
  • Royal Hall, Yama was seen to sit on the throne in this royal hall. Yama most likely used this place to greet his allies, guests or business partners here,[7][2]
  • Dock No.2, arrival place of the mysterious Elder in the box.[2]
  • Canine Tooth Festival Arena, storage room for "The Fang / The Teeth" [9]
  • Canzon's Training Room, a place where Canzon, one of Yama's executives, 3nd in command, was training.[7][9]
  • Gym For Female Canine People Only, a place where Canhong met Luka and Rian, 2 canine girls, to talk about problems of Canine Tooth Festival, Deng Deng, and the Slayer Candidate Jyu Viole Grace[9]
  • Residential Area, Culden and Jordan was seen hopping and travelling past the residental area in such a rush.[10] Another example of these area is where Ship Leesoo and Hatsu encountered Quaetro Blitz and Chang Blarode.[5]

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Alternate Translations

  • (LINE) The Cage



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