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House badge of the Floor of Test

A Test Admin (시험관, 試驗官, Shiheomgwahn, Examiner, "Test Administrator", "Test Admin") is someone who oversees the Tests on a Floor. An administrator is a paid job that Rankers usually take. According to Augusgus, a test administrator's main function is to keep the absolute rule of the Tower, specially to oversee the Test guidelines to Regulars climbing the Tower. Test Admins wear a "House badge" which is either worn or sewn onto their clothing which identifies them as an Test Administrator.


A Test Administrator main objective is to conduct a Test to determine whether a Regular can proceed to a higher Floor, since they are authorized by a Test Director to run a Test. Because of this an Administrator acts as a judge in charge of enforcing the rules of the examination to be met. They may sometimes participate in the Test if the Test guidelines and conditions call for it. For example Quant took part in the Hide-and-Seek game[1] and Love took part in The Trustworthy Room game.[2] They are able to change the rules and assignments depending on the situation. For example Lero-Ro added rules during the Crown Game in order for Baam and Anak to duel each other.[3][4] Also Noma prepared a special assignment at the 21st Floor for Team Tangsooyook due to the absence of the opposing team.[5]

However, Administrators must fully act according the guidelines of the Guardian and the Test Director. For example Love was reprimanded by his superior Augusgus for illegally conducting a test during the middle of the night.[6] Such decisions often bring consequences to them, which may cost the administrator their job or get suspended for a period of time. Also Quant was verbally reprimanded by Yu Hang Sung for not checking the backgrounds of the participants of the "Deathmatch" Test.[7]

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