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Test (시험이, Siheom-i) or Examination (informally, Exam or Evaluation) is an assessment within the Tower, intended to measure a Regular's talent, knowledge, intelligence, fighting skill, physical fitness, especially their ability to control Shinsu during their climbing. The test may be administered verbally, on speaker, on virtual display, or in a predetermined area that requires a Regular to demonstrate their ability to compete with another Regular.


When a Regular is climbing the Tower, he or she has to pass one or more tests on each Floor. The tests are created to determine whether the Regular is worthy of going to the next Floor. Generally, the difficulty increases the higher one climbs. There are however a few exceptions, like the 2nd Floor and the 20th Floor, where the difficulty is particularly high.

Tests vary in style, form or shape, and requirements. There is no general consensus or invariable standard for test formats and difficulty. Often, the format and difficulty of the test is dependent upon the Test Admin's decision, situation, interests.

A test in the Tower may be developed, administered, and supervised by a person with special authorities, they are usually called the instructor, Test Director and Test Admin. People who hold such titles are mostly Rankers and High Rankers. There is one special case for Poro Poe, he is a Regular who worked as the conductor of the Hell Express. Poro Poe can supervise tests on the Hell Express.

Types of Test

There are two testing systems within the Inner Tower, the Regular's Testing System and the Administrator's Test.

Regular's Testing System

Main article: Regular's Testing System

Regular's Testing System is a testing system created by Zahard and Headon. This testing system was used to replace the Administrator's Test. This is the current testing system of the Tower.

Administrator's Tests

Main article: Administrator's Test

Administrator's Test (관리자 님의 시험이, Gwanlija Nim-ui Siheom-i) is a special Test given or held by the Administrator. There is a special requirement to take a test from the Administrator, a person must be an Irregular.[1] The Administrator's Test itself is bound by a set of the Tower's Rules.

Tests that have been shown in Tower of God

First Floor

Second Floor

20th Floor

21st Floor

  • Flower of Zygaena (This was actually a ruse by the Rankers to try and get the flower back from Urek Mazino)

28th Floor

  • A test where one team has to get a key into a box, signalling their win. The exact rules were unknown.

29th Floor

  • Battle of Cannons: A test conducted in trenches, where one team has to disable the other team's cannons, which lie at opposite ends of the field.

35th Floor

43rd Floor

No tests because the Guardian is dead.

49th Floor

  • Advancement Test: A test where one team has to eliminate the targets within the time limit. If they pass this test, they will go to the next floor.[2]

Special Tests

Tests in the Tower also include certain special tests. These tests may or may not assist in further progress in climbing the Tower, but may also carry other kinds of benefits.

Known examples of these kinds of tests:

  • The Wonsulsa test taken at the Research Association. Taking this test makes one a certified Wonsul user.
  • Iron Man - this is a special contract that only members of the Mule Family can obtain and to do so the family had to take a special test from an unspecified Guardian.
  • The two mole like drawings under Lero-Ro's eyes, these symbolize that he has passed a special test (what kind of test is unknown although it was most likely to become a Jeonsulsa).
  • The Hell Express taken on the 35th Floor. It is a test that enables Regulars to quickly travel to the 43rd Floor. However, due to its extreme difficulty, not many Regulars survive until the end.[3]

Notes and Trivia

  • Because the flow of time is so long in Tower of God, 1 or 2 years might seem as if it's nothing, and that's true. To Regulars, 1 or 2 years isn't that great of a time period. Actually after they have become E-rank Regulars, there are plenty of those who hippity hop play around 3-40 years until they take the test again.[4]



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