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Please left blank parameters.

{{RowTemplate |rowhead= |group= |subgroup= |list= }}

The RowTemplate use lowercase parameter names.

Notice "rowhead=" is optional.The "rowhead=" parameter will give you a merged table row for additional title purposes.

The basic and most common parameters are as follows (see below for the full list):

rowhead -text to appear above the group/list section. This will give a red merged cells that will form a table row for storing additional title.
group - the left-side text in the first cell before subgroup cell.
subgroup - the middle text in the second cell between the first cell and the list cell.
list - the right-side text in th third cell after the middle cell.

Using RowTemplate

Please be aware that in order for RowTemplate to work, you have to call it inside the {{PortableNavbox}}


Source Code

|title=Zahard Empire
{{RowTemplate |group=Leaders |subgroup=King |list=[[Zahard]] }}


Zahard Empire