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Teammate Summoning Center (동료 소환소, Donglyo Sohwanso, "Colleague Summoner") is a place on The Central Island for "summoning" teammates for teams who participate at the 30F Workshop Battle.[1]


The Teammate Summoning Center was created by The Workshop to "summon" teammates of the participating teams during the Development Tournament of the Workshop Battle. The participants must "buy" or "purchase" their teammates with Points they obtained during the battle. Each teammates will be given value according to their abilities and strength. The more strong the teammate, the more expensive their points value.

Known Price

  • Androssi Zahard - 1,000,000P
  • Jyu Viole Grace - 1,000,000P
  • Varagarv - 1,000,000P
  • Rak Wraithraiser (under the alias "The Red Hawk") - 150,000P
  • Yeon Yihwa - 150,000P
  • Boondawan - 100,000P
  • Quaetro Blitz - 90,000P
  • Xia Xia - 70,000P
  • Yuto - 70,000P
  • Hon Akraptor - 60,000P
  • Wangnan - 10,000P


Summoning Well

One person must call the names of a teammate he/she wanted to summon and that teammate will appear in the Summoning Well. However, to summon teammates, the team needs to have enough points and also his/her consent. The team can also re-purchase a gambler who failed the game once.

Every 30 minutes, each team will get a charge of 50,000 Points. If you defeat a Regular from another team, the team will receive a bonus of 100,000 points. If you defeat a spearhead of a team, you will receive a bonus of 500,000 points. Once you call the name of your teammate, a loading screen will appear on mid air and you have to wait for 5 minutes before that teammate will be summoned.[1]


Tower of God: Part 2 - The Workshop Battle

The Workshop Battle: Tournament

After a referee of the Workshop Battle announced that the Development Tournament has started, each of the final participating teams (Team Mad Dog, Team Bellux, Team FUG, Team Solidarity, Khun's Team and Team Ship) advanced to the battlefield on The Central Island. Ja Wangnan arrived in front of the Teammate Summoning Center and was guided by Khun Aguero Agnis who spoke through a special monitor which is most likely an Observer. Before Wangnan entered the building, Khun advised Wangnan to be careful because he stepped into the battle area and there is a chance that he might meet an ennemy and die. After Wangnan entered the building, he said it was dark inside, but then he was welcomed by a summoning center guide, a floating small robot called R-7. Later, Wangnan arrived in front of a Summoning Well and the robot explained the rules of summoning teammates. After creating a plan, Khun decided to summon Quaetro Blitz as the first teammates. But before Wangnan call Quaetro's name, he encountered Tebo & Lebo, an enemy from Team Solidarity. Khun then quickly ordered Wangnan to call Quaetro's name to summon him, but a "loading screen" suddenly appeared. The robot R-7 said it will takes five minutes to call a teammate.[1] Although at first, Wangnan have some trouble to face Tebo & Lebo, he managed to defeat them in the end after Khun found out about their weakness. Because Tebo & Lebo was a spearhead of Team Solidarity, Khun's Team received a bonus of 500,000 Points. All of that points were spent to summon Quaetro, Rak Wraithraiser, Hon Akraptor and Yeon Yihwa.[2]


Alternate Translation

  • Teammate Summoning Area
  • Teammate Calling Area
  • Teammate Calling Center



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