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Team Tangsooyook also known as "Team Sweet & Sour" was formed after 7 Regulars passed the The Trustworthy Room Test on the 20th Floor.

Those 7 Regulars are Ja Wangnan, Kang Horyang, Yeon Yihwa, Hon Akraptor, Prince, Yeo Goseng and Yeo Miseng.


When Ja Wangnan stole the remote from Ranker Mule Love, he switched the USB connector on that remote with his own in order to tricked Jyu Viole Grace to accept 7 of them as teammates.

At first, Viole was unwilling to have anyone climb the Tower with him, due to the nature of his contract with FUG, although he eventually bonded with Wangnan and the others. The team continued to stay together after two years, from the 20th Floor through to the 29th Floor.

One day, the team found out information about Beniamino Cassano through "BOX", an information website for Light Bearer accessed by Goseng. Cassano is step brother of Horyang, so when the night arrived, Horyang decided to leave the team without notice in order to search Cassano by himself. Viole tried to stop him, but Horyang insisted to leave.[1]

After The Hand of Arlen was blew up and destroyed, Horyang's power was turned off by Cassano and Viole had to obey FUG's order. Khun Aguero Agnis who got caught by the explosion managed to survive the blast, but Khun was forced to lead Team Tangsooyook to win the 30F Workshop Battle in order to free Viole from FUG.

The team members were reunited after winning the Workshop Battle. Following the events of the Workshop Battle, Horyang was rendered comatose after Beniamino Cassano stole his 'Devil' power, driving Wangnan to pursue Cassano, who was riding the Hell Express. Short story, Wangnan managed to convince Cassano to "restore" Horyang's power back and Horyang did truly wake up again,[2] but Hon Akraptor and Prince lost their lives in the process, dying at the hands of Team Rachel.

Due to the capture of its last remaining members, this team has been disbanded[3]. However, following the events that took place on the Last Station, this team might be active again.

Team Members



Alternate Translations

  • Sweet and Sour (Line Webtoon)

Notes and Trivia

  • One interesting aspect of this team is that several members either wish to change the status quo of the Tower (Viole, Wangnan, Horyang and Akraptor) or clean up the corruption of the 10 Great Families (Yihwa).[4]
  • Tan-soo-yook is described in The Company's translation of Season 2, Chapter 1 as thus:
    This is a fried pork (usually pork, can be some other type of meat) covered with the usual flour + egg coating. Then it's overlayed with sweet and sour sauce that's also got some veggies like apple, onions, and bell pepper (usually). These can often be ordered in party size.
  • English-speaking TOG fans sometimes refer to this team as "Team Pork".

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