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Team Baam

Team Baam is centered around Twenty-Fifth Baam and is composed of Regulars who boarded the Hell Express.

After the events that took place on the Last Station, the composition of team members has changed, while several of them are unknown whereabouts.



No. Members Position Status
1. Androssi Zahard Fisherman Unknown
2. Bero Bero Fisherman Unknown
3. Beta Fisherman Unknown
4. Boro Fisherman Leave
5. David Hockney Scout Active
6. Hong Danhwa Unknown Catching Up
7. Hwa Ryun Guide Active
8. Kell Unknown Active
9. Khun Aguero Agnis Light Bearer Active
10. Lo Po Bia Elaine Fisherman
11. Louie Unknown Active
12. Phonsekal Irure Wave Controller Unknown
13. Rak Wraithraiser
Spear Bearer Active
14. Sachi Faker Wave Controller Leave
15. Twenty-Fifth Baam Wave Controller Active
16. White Unknown Active
17. White/Clone Unknown Merged with Hoaqin
in the form of White
18. Yeon Yihwa Fisherman
Catching Up
19. Yool Scout Active

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