A Talse Uzer Story (TUS) is the story set in Talse Uzer, the universe and overarching story that Tower of God is set in.


The TUS is a universe under the premise that “The world comprises of several tales as its centre, and these tales persist as unchangeable records”. In other words, in Talse Uzer Stories the past cannot change and the future is already set.[1][2][3]

Once written, a tale from the Talse Uzer universe cannot be set back or restored to a previous state. Hence, the past becomes permanently fixed, which in turn restricts future events. It's a universe that rejects the existing hypothesis that the world holds infinite possibilities.

Tower of God is one of the "several stories" in Talse Uzer, but these stories do not have much connection to each other. There are no reasons to understand Talse Uzer. You can still enjoy Tower of God even if you ignore other Talse Uzer Stories entirely. Tower of God is, after all, a story with a unique setting.[1]

Up to this point, Tower of God is the only 'official' TUS in Talse Uzer since SIU is yet to publish any other Talse Uzer Stories. However, this detail may change in the future.

Notes and Trivia

  • The author pronounces it as “Tales User Story” in Korean but has written it as Talse Uzer Story on the top of every chapter. Confusing.


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