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Sylpheed (실피드, Silpideu) is a series of floating objects owned by Ha Cheonhee. There are at least five in the set.[1]


These spears have grey undersides with triangular blue gold covers on top. They hover constantly and when in rest mode they position themselves behind their owner. When being used they move into a horizontal array and their top covers lift up.

Powers and Abilities

Sylpheed spears have both offensive and defensive capabilities. They saved Dorian's Ancient Frog Pollack, when White used a strong attack.[2]

  • Shockwave: After all of the spears have emitted small Shinsu shields, they violently enlarge to deal damage to what is nearby. It easily severed a Ranker's arm.[3]
  • Sharp Wave: All of the spears produce giant shinsu shields that can block speeding warships.[4]

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