Dallar Show's Sweetfish

Sweetfish[1] is a fish-like Shinheuh that was used as one of the key tokens of the Dallar Show.


Sweetfish is a shinheuh that resembles a silver fish, however, its natural size is difficult to ascertain due to its compression ability. For example, it can become small enough that it can be caught in one's bare hands, or it can become large enough to swallow human-sized beings whole.


The first appearance of Sweetfish was in the first round of the Dallar Show--"Catching the Sweetfish". The rules were simple: the participants literally needed to catch the Sweetfish which was swimming about in a small water tank.[2] Because the Sweetfish was to be used in later rounds, participants had to catch the Sweetfish without killing it; if the latter occurred, the team who killed the Sweetfish would lose on the spot.[2] During the game, Rachel tried to catch the Sweetfish with her Lighthouses, however, the Sweetfish began to decompress as it proceeded to attack Rachel. In the end, Koon Aguero Agnis captured the Sweetfish using his Lighthouses moments before it could reach Rachel.


The Sweetfish's sacrifice

During the second round of the Dallar Show, "Transferring the Sweetfish", Koon and his team had to safely transfer the Sweetfish to the "core" of the Hell Train, located at the centre of the motor section, via the pipes.[3] If Team Viole managed to get the Sweetfish to the destination alive, they would win; if Team Hoaqin killed the Sweetfish before it arrived at the destination, they would win.

The Sweetfish used for the Dallar Show died shortly after the Dallar Show concluded. Inside the Submarine of Choice, as the core began to flood with the boiling substance, Koon began to wonder how he'd escape and catch Rachel when suddenly the Sweetfish made its presence known. In an act of bravery--or perhaps an act of loyalty to the one who captured and protected it during the previous rounds of the Dallar Show--, the Sweetfish sacrificed itself to save Koon by decompressing itself in order to shield Koon from the boiling acid.

Notes and Trivia

  • Rak aptly named the Sweetfish that appeared in the Dallar Show "Sweetfish turtle".


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