The Survival Round Test is the first test on the 20th Floor. It is a very simple test where 10 Regulars enter a big empty room, one Regular at a time with 3 minutes between each other, making the test take 30 minutes in total. The Regulars may then decide whether to fight each other or come to some sort of a peace agreement.

Enter, the Slayer.jpg

There are no rules in the room and the Regulars may therefore fight any way they wish, one on one or several against one. A Regular fails the test, if they are not able to fight after the 30 minutes expire.

The more Regulars who pass this test, the harder the next test will be, and it is therefore a good reason for the Regulars to take out the other Regulars.

The order the 10 Regulars enter is random and there are no handicaps given based on the order of entry.

The Survival Round Test lasted for five chapters during the Last Chance arc. In the last chapter of the arc we learn that there are 5 groups of Regulars who have taken the Survival Round Test at the same time and that the ones from these five groups who have passed this test will compete in the next test.

Regulars who passed the test

Room 1

Room 2


Room 3

Room 4

Room 5

  • 3 unnamed Regulars


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