Sunwoo Nare (선우 나래, Seonwoo Nahrae; or "Sunwoo Narea") is a Regular who came to the Tower for money. She made it through all the tests on the Second Floor and was assigned the Scout position.

Appearance and Personality

Sunwoo Nare

Nare's greedy expression

Nare has a fairly childish appearance. She has a short blonde haircut and yellow eyes as well. She has a relatively childish and greedy personality. She is rather sly, as she was able to keep her ability to control Shinheuh a secret, but showing her ability to Quant, the instructor for the Scout position for extra points.[1]

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Tower of God: Part 1

Nare passes the first test of Evankhell's Floor with Hong Chunhwa and another colleague, she also passes the test of Lero-Ro. She entered the Crown Game but did not participate; only joining the competition since she became interested over Koon's Manbarondenna. She was selected for the position "Scout" in The Position Test. In the game of Hide and Seek she was in Team A.

After discovering that Baam was an Irregular, she asked what an Irregular was since everyone was getting so serious about it. During testing of the Hunt of the Submerged Fish she revealed to Koon that she had the ability to control Shinheuh and said that she showed it to Quant to earn points. After the death of Baam, she went to the Third Floor with the other Regulars.

Powers and Abilities

Sunwoo had a special position Anima, possessing a rare talent that allows her to control Shinheuh.[1] [2]


She is quite close to Hong Chunhwa, calling him "her knight". Her main characteristic is her obsession for money, she literally starts drooling when she gets near wealth.

Notes and Trivia

  • The preview for Part I implies that Nare entered the Tower to gain money and wealth.[3]


  • (To Koon Aguero Agnis) "A man is an animal that exists to love and a woman is an animal that exists to receive love."[1]

Alternate Translations

  • (SIU) Sunwoo Narea
  • Seonwoo Nahrae


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