Net Dolphin Madame and the Shinsu Net.

The Submerged Fish Hunt Test was a test held in the Wine Glass on the Second Floor of the Tower. It was assigned by the Second Floor Guardian to the Irregular, Twenty-Fifth Baam, and consisted of protecting the Net Dolphins so that certain individuals could be swallowed by the Net Dolphin Madame. A complication it had recently been facing was the arrival of the Bull, which had wildly shaken the food-chain at the time.[1][2]


There were four major groups in this test, in addition to the Regulars themselves:

  • Net Dolphin: Cast a net to gather fish for the Net Dolphin Madame; they were preyed on by Striped Ground Pigs and protected by Thieves.
  • Barnacle Goblins: Commonly referred to as Thieves, they ride several Giant Marsh Worms in attempt to steal fish from the Madame by having the worms suck them in.
  • Striped Ground Pig: Would attempt to eat the Net Dolphins. They had a bad relationship with Thieves and would fight when encountered.
  • Added to this was a relatively new creature, the mysterious "Bull". It was extremely strong and violent.


Baam and Rachel inside the bubble

To pass the test Baam and Rachel, who were in the shinsu bubble thrown into the pit, had to enter the Madame’s mouth and exit to ground. However, should both come out in different ways besides from the Madame's body, the participants would automatically fail. The same applied if the shinsu bubble broke, if there weren’t enough Net Dolphins to keep the net or if Baam and Rachel both died due to an underwater monster's attack.

The role of the remaining Regulars was to protect both the bubble and the Net Dolphins while preventing the Thieves from capturing Baam and Rachel in their bubble and also protect the Net Dolphins from the Striped Ground Pigs.  

The following 16 Regulars passed the test:

Notes and Trivia

  • The shinsu bubble couldn't be controlled by either Baam or Rachel.
  • Regulars couldn't contact Baam and Rachel and did not know where they were.
  • While the shinsu bubble itself was very resilient to damage, it couldn’t block all.
  • The Thieves' location was known, but not where the Dogs' location as they kept moving.



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