This page is about the arc right after the Hide-and-Seek arc. If you were looking for a Shinheuh with the same name, click here.

Submerged Fish (잠어) is the tenth arc of the first volume of the Tower of God series.

Arc Summary

The Hide-and-Seek test has ended and, as Baam relives the end of the test, Lero-Ro calls the Regulars via his Lighthouse and tells them to meet at the auditorium by six to hear the Regulars who qualified for the final test.

Meanwhile, Khun confronts Androssi in the dining hall, saying that she failed to honour their past agreement that Androssi would keep Baam and Rachel away. Khun walks away and is assured by Leesoo that even if someone from their team failed, no one would blame Khun. This is extremely ironic it was down to his plot that A Team lost.

As Khun broods in his room, a smaller version of Rak barges in and asks him to resize him. Apparently, while the

Khun reflecting upon his plan

teams were taking the test, he had insulted Yu Han Sung about his height and was immediately shrunk in retaliation. After learning that Khun can't resize him, Rak then asks about Baam’s absence and Khun assures him that he’s fine, though he won’t be climbing the Tower because he found Rachel. As Rak turns to leave, Khun finds himself confiding in Rak about his distant sister Maria. She was kind and caring, something that seemed unreal to Khun. Because of this, he plotted to make her one of Zahard's Princesses, ousting his biological sister from the seat. Though everything worked, he felt lonely (though he himself did not know this) and was climbing the Tower to find this. Between the intense friendship between Baam and Rachel, he hoped that he too could find that someone to dispel that loneliness. But he realized that for all his plotting, he hadn’t changed since then. Rak scorns Khun, saying that Khun should have killed Eduan and took his place, and that Khun has lost his banana (symbolizing determination?).

Just then, Baam comes in and informs them that Rachel can’t use her legs. He then surprises both of them by saying that he would become Rachel’s legs and go to the top with her. It was then that Khun realized that what he was lacking was the determination to go up with Maria and instead stay as an anonymous member of a branch family. With this realization, he resolves to bring Baam up and to not make the same mistake as last time.

Meanwhile, Serena is drinking with Leesoo and commenting that she and Ho were both weak in that they had no resolve or purpose. Contrary to Baam who’s resolve to climb the Tower with Rachel was incredibly strong, they didn’t have much purpose in life.

As Baam tries to gather teammates, Androssi asks him why Baam is so fixated on Rachel. Baam responds that before, he didn’t know anything about where he was, who he was or what he was, but Rachel came and gave him an identity and gave him knowledge about how things were. Rachel was someone who gave him hope, so she was someone who he’d follow anywhere.

As Baam is collecting teammates, Khun is trying to get Rachel into the test. He talks with Lero-Ro and admits that it’s the duty of the Regular to keep herself healthy, but not if a non-Regular was trying to hurt her. Lero-Ro is doubtful until Khun gives him the note Ho received and said that the note had not been sent by a Regular. When Lero-Ro asks why, he retells the events of a week ago.

He was told by Hwa Ryun that Ho bore a lot of jealousy towards Baam. Khun didn’t fully believe it but bribed Full to keep an eye on Ho. The day before the test Full told Khun that earlier, Ho suddenly yelled out, then acting flustered asked Full who Michelle Light was. This made Khun suspicious and he sneaked into Ho’s room, saw the note, and made a copy of it. He then told Rachel the truth and was about to tell Baam but Rachel urged him not to, since it would only hurt Baam. Khun asked Androssi to keep them apart and plotted to manipulate Quant to stop Ho on Khun's behalf. He got Laure to help him and got Quant into a position where Khun could “accidentally” reveal his plan to intentionally fail, so Ho would kill Rachel. This enrages Quant, which makes him resolved to stop Ho. In

The mastermind

Khun's self-evaluation he admits that it was a perfect plan. He had actually hoped that Ho would drop out and was glad of this opportunity, but it hadn’t occurred to him that Baam wouldn’t see it this way and Khun never thought about Baam’s feelings. It was implied that this happened with Maria as well.

When Lero-Ro asks how Khun knew it wasn’t a Regular, Khun responds that the person who sent the note somehow knew that Ho, Baam and Rachel would be on the same team, was someone who was involved in the creation of the test and was trying to prevent Baam from climbing the Tower…

Elsewhere, Yuga was contacting a superior and tells him about the position test. He also promises to retrieve


Black March and Green April. He mentions that Baam has great potential and could join them after he became a Ranker. Suddenly, Yu Han Sung appears and reveals that he knows Yuga is a RED member. He approaches this with relish since he had always wanted to fight Yu Han Sung due to his reputation. He releases a shinheuh that he was controlling and sends it towards Yu Han Sung. He thinks that Yu Han Sung’s reputation was inflated due to the mystery, but it turns out that the opposite was true and Yu Han Sung easily kills the shinheuh. Ren gets ready to fight for real, but Yu Han Sung apologizes. He says his intentions were nothing of the sort and that if Ren’s mission was to retrieve Black March and Green April and eliminate Anak Zahard, he would help Ren.

Yu Han Sung goes back to his room and, after composing himself, goes out to announce the positions.

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Alternate Translation

  • Deep-Sea Fish arc (LINE Webtoon US)

Notes and Trivia

  • This is the first story arc to use Chinese signs in the Korean Title


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