Stuah Arthur (스투아 아르투르, Seutua Aleutuleu) is a High Priest (제사장, Jesajang) serving in the Altar for Conveying Zahard's Orders. His duty is delivering Zahard's Orders to the authorities of the Zahard Empire.[1]

Appearance and Personality

Stuah Arthur has dark skin, light purple hair and blue eyes. He wears lightly decorated white shirt and dark grey pants.

Stuah Arthur treats Zahard's Orders with a reverence and he cares about state of affairs in the Zahard Empire. To keep the Tower from falling into chaos, he is capable of using other people as sacrificial lambs.[1]

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Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train

Three Orders

After receiving Zahard's Orders, Stuah Arthur decided not to follow with standard procedure of delivering full orders to the military and administrative authorities. He did this to prevent the outbreak of a war with the Bidau Family. He had no qualms about sacrificing the new worker in the Altar, Charlie, to make that plan possible.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Last Station

Stuah Arthur was sent to the Last Station of the Hell Train, together with his subordinates. He succesfully managed to convince the station's ruler, Lee Xiawun, to cooperate with Zahard's Army.


When Evankhell and Karaka's minions arrived to the Last Station on the 44th Floor and started to cause mayhem, Stuah Arthur, together with Charlie and Vice Altar Director, noticed it right away. After a moment of wondering if they should help Zahard's Army, they decided to do so. Stuah Arthur teleported them with his Lighthouses.



Powers and Abilities

Stuah Arthur is a Light Bearer. He can use teleportation skill with his Lighthouses. He can also use his Lighthouses to attack.[2][3]


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