Stone Doll (돌 인형, Dol Inhyeong)[1] is an artificial doll created from the composition of the surrounding rocks and stones. Each Stone Doll has a "Core".

  • Stone doll punch Baam
  • Stone doll "core"
  • Hwaryun picked up the doll's core
  • Hwaryun spin the core
  • Hwaryun rebuilt the stone doll
  • Stone doll successfully rebuilt

In the first day of Baam's training with FUG, Ha Jinsung showcased a big stone doll for practice purpose. Jinsung then destroyed the stone doll to pieces with a single touch of wave explosion technique. After Baam received the attack with his body, Hwa Ryun visited him and rebuilt the stone doll using it's "Core" which apparently looks like a gear wheel. The front view of core seems to be covered with Suspendium stone.[2]

When The Hand of Arlen was destroyed by Xia Xia by using explosives, few part of the crumbling rocks and stones merged with each other to form a single giant flying stone doll.[3] According to Novick, this giant flying stone doll was apparently a Floating Ship created with Stone Doll.[4]


Notes and Trivia

  • The mechanism of how the stone doll actually works, especially how it was able to "move" are unknown.
  • Stone doll can be rebuild.

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