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Stealth Anklet is an anklet that will conceal power level of a person. It will prevent other people to detect or sense someone's strength. This anklet is very strong to the point to be able to conceal the strength of Urek Mazino, the 4th strongest person in the Tower.[1]


Stealth Anklet will make it's user seems like a regular person with less power than a Ranker. The user's power will not decrease if they use this anklet.


Before Urek entered the Floor of Death, his assistant Yuje gave the Stealth Anklet to him. Yuje sent it by the air. This is because Yuje wanted to help Urek's relationship with Garam Zahard. This anklet will hide Urek's presence so that he can get closer to Garam undetected.

Notes and Trivia

  • In Korea, those who commit sexual crime obligatorily wear an electroic anklet so called 'silver anklet'. This is why Urek was hesistant with the colour, and why Yuri wanted to send him to jail after seeing the anklet. 



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