A Special Position is a very rare Position.

Note: Every basic Position requires manipulation of Shinsoo and as such, it is the same for Positions like "Dansul" or "Wonsul". As in: not just Wave Controllers get to learn them.

Known Special Positions

The Guide is considered a Special Position, but it doesn't seem to be a variation of a Main Position. It is a very rare position, and the bearers of this position are considered "blessed" by The Tower.

An Anima controls living beings, commonly Shinheuh.

A Wonsul is able to create a perfect circle of Shinsoo, causing it to gain much greater strength while retaining the same surface and mass.

Dansul is the ability to, from far away, create an area with an enormously large amount of shinsoo pressure.

A special position, who's main aim is to protect the Light Bearer and/or Spear Bearer.

A Hwayeom is able to convert Shinsoo into fire and flames for use.

A Jeonsul is able to convert Shinsoo into electricity or give it electrical properties.


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