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Sorcerer is a special title given to people who can master Spells in the Tower.

There aren't much information about Sorcerer yet, but SIU already mentioned about Sorcerer multiple times, from official chapters[1] to his blog posts[2]. Sorcerer is most likely not to be included in Position since learning about the spells are not easy and not everyone can master spells. Rather than position, SIU refers Sorcerer as special terms or special title like Zahard's Princesses. Sorcerer is more suited for long to medium-range combatants.

Known Sorcerers

  • Arlen Grace: Baam's mother was believed to be a prodigy in spells mastery. She even knows a spell to stop a dead body from decaying.[3]
  • Sachi Faker : Baam's teammate.
  • Levy: A Regular who's been charged by the Zahard Family in handling any nasty stuff related to regulars. He "received" the power to use spells.[4]
  • 4 Elite Sorcerers: they cast a special spell on Baylord Doom's heart.[1]



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