Sophia Amae (소피아 아마에) is one of the Workshop researchers assistant and Cassano's and Horyang's teacher until the boys reached the age of 12. She was working with the Living Ignition Weapons projects of the Workshop, specially with Emile.

Appearance and Personality

Sophia is almost never seen unhappy and retains a relatively young look, although her age is unknown. She has brown eyes and hair and wears a brown turtle-neck and a black dress. She always appears with a scientist's coat.

Sophia is a fairly compassionate woman, being noted for being the only researcher who treated Cassano and Horyang as if they were only human beings. She seemed to always retain a happy attitude and was never seen angry. Though this might have been just an act, as when Beta was made he was only given a number for a name.


Sophia was an illegitimate child from the Middle Area but, thanks to being cleverer than others, she was fortunate enough to become a Workshop researcher. She decided to take part in experiments like the Living Ignition Weapon experiment so she could make abandoned, illegitimate children like her, strong and able to protect themselves.[1]

Sophia was part of the team that developed Living Ignition Weapons. Unlike other researchers, she treated the then young Cassano and Horyang as human beings. Under her tutelage, Cassano and Horyang learned Macseth language. Together, they laughed, talked and played around. Horyang recalls that those things were the most beautiful and valuable among all of the things that he learned from the Gong Bang. She also gave them their first non-numeric names; the name she gave Horyang (no. 21) was Beniamino Ilmar and the name she gave Cassano (no. 99) was Beniamino Cassano. However, once they became Living Ignition Weapons, they never saw her again.[2]

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Return of the Prince

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Workshop Battle


She reappears on the Archimedes, located in the Acorn Workshop and she continues her work of creating Living Ignition Weapons, teaching Cassano and Horyang about her new creations such as Beta and Emile. This, however, reveals to Horyang the possibility that her 'love' might have been an act to help her research all along, causing him a great amount of despair. She is later seen alerting the guards when she discovered that Beta had escaped.


Sophia tells Beta that his experiments had nothing to do with Viole

As Beta is attacking Viole, she bursts in with Workshop guards and asks for him to stop attacking. She is left worried when he vehemently refuses and continues his assault. After Beta is defeated, she admits to him that the research carried out on him had nothing to do with Viole. After the Workshop guards attempt to eliminate Beta and are quickly subdued, Sophia tends to Beta's injuries. When the Regulars go off to rescue the hostages, Sophia pleads to Lero-Ro that he take Beta with him, so that the child could experience freedom in the time he had left.


She explains that Horyang is unable to wake up after the power of the devil that once resided in him has disappeared, most likely being Cassano's doing, and also the truth behind Emile as an Ignition Weapon.

Notes and Trivia

  • Horyang describes her as his and Cassano's first love.


  • (To Kang Horyang) "Listen, Ilmar. A man shouldn't show his tears. You should be strong enough to protect others. You have that power. Got it?"[3]



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