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Soo-oh (소오, "Su-o", pronounced "Su-oh") is a war veteran of FUG since the Age of Genesis who accompanied a FUG Elder, Khel Hellam as his support Guide.[3] She is a High Ranker[2] in the Blue Hole term[1] and also a member of the Red Witches race.


She was assigned to became Khel Hellam's guide at some time before the events that happened in The Cage during the third season.

Appearance and Personalities

She has short red hair with red eyes, like all other Red Witches, but is also of quite a short stature. She has wings on her back, which are part of her clothing style.

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Powers and Abilities

She is a High Ranker in the Blue Hole term, meaning that she has been disappeared or inactive for so long that her strength can't be measured between then and now. She is also a Guide like Hwa Ryun, meaning that she can see the future for a short limited of time.

Nevertheless, Soo-oh is shown to be a considerably powerful High Ranker, as she proved strong enough to pressure Yu Han Sung, blocking all of his wave Shinsu attacks, with Han Sung praising her strength. She was also able to easily dispatch without a scratch the ranker guards of the Wall of Peaceful Coexistence that the chairman sent to attack her. The following are the details of her abilities:

Extrasensory Perception

She has a unique ability in perception, eyesight, or vision to see things from afar using an abnormal method like paranormal power. The extrasensory perception, also called the sixth sense, includes claimed reception of information not gained through the recognized physical senses but sensed with the mind.[4]

  • Clairvoyance: (/klɛərˈvɔɪəns/; from French Clair meaning "clear" and voyance meaning "vision") is the alleged ability to gain information about an object, person, location, or physical event through "extrasensory perception". Any person who is claimed to have such ability is said accordingly to be a clairvoyant ("one who sees clearly").[5] See more at Wikipedia:Clairvoyance. She used this to find, track and detect the whereabouts location and presence of Twenty-Fifth Baam at The Cage. It's still unknown what 'caused her to be in pain when she tried to detect Baam's presence, but she blamed Baam for it, saying that it must be because of that damn slayer candidate.[6]

Flow-Bending Blue Sapphire Fish

This technique is a Shinsu control skill that will allow Soo-oh to change the direction or deflecting the opponent's Shinsu attack, making the attack useless. She said that this technique is a natural enemy to all Wave Controllers.[2]


This technique has another rare ability to quickly teleport many people in a limited range of distance. Similar to the item Bong Bong that Androssi used. It's very useful for escape and defence since it can also teleport the enemies away from you (like what happened to Kallavan).[7]

Soo-oh can also fully control in what direction she will send the object or the person being teleported, according to her wishes. In fact, she can also decide whether she will bring those object and person with her or completely teleport them to a different location from her. When faced with the enemy that she was sure she could handle, she will teleport the enemy with her and totally confront them 1-on-1 fight. But when she thinks the enemy was stronger, she could just run away with her teleportation skill but also teleport the enemy to a different location at the same time. As seen when she teleports Baam, KhunAA, Rak Wraithraiser, and Daleet with her to escape from Kallavan, but at the same time, she also teleported Kallavan to a different location from them. Soo-oh also teleported Dowon along with her to confront and prevent Dowon from chasing after the regulars.[7] It's a very efficient life-saver technique.

Notes and Trivia

  • She has a unique Korean family name "Soo", (pronounced as "Su"). For further information, see Wikipedia: Soo (Korean name). For more Korean names references, see Wikipedia:List of the most popular given names in South Korea.
  • Many fans have been speculating about her pain when she tried to 'detect' Baam's whereabouts in The Cage. People believed it might have something to do with Baam's status as Irregular. A similar case also happened to Hwa Ryun as a guide, that she cannot read Baam's future and path, although we never saw Hwa Ryun experience such pain like what Soo-oh experienced.
  • SIU said that her techniques are hard to draw. But still, it seems to have come out beautifully, so he was satisfied and happy with that. The other details about her will be given later in the future chapters.[8]
  • She said that Yu Han Sung looks like a rice cake.[2] She was seen to bring snack box which apparently seems to be rice cakes when she talked with Khel Hellam about Baam and the gamble about his future.[7]
  • It has been indicated that Soo-oh may be among the member of Khel Hellam's team that battled Zahard, as she notes that looking at Baam is like looking at Zahard, clearly showing she had encountered Zahard before. She further shows grimness when she mentions the horrifying defeat Khel Hellam's team suffered, further indicating she was among the survivors of the battle and was defeated and captured but was rescued.

Alternate Translation

  • So-oh (LINE Webtoon - English)
  • Soo (LINE Webtoon - Indonesia)



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