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Can you please say that kind of stuff quietly? It's already annoying enough that we have to hold hands right now. Because it's only when we work together that our shinsu's the strongest, remember?

—Sola To Namo.[1]

Sola (솔아, Sol-a) is a Ranker and student of Seolhyangwon as well as a disciple of the FUG Elder Sophia Tan.

Appearance and Personality

Sola has pink hair and bright green eyes. She wears pink outfit with yellow ribbons on her waist and head. She also views helping Slayers as an honor and she wanted to leave Seolhwangyon because there are not any men there.

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Tower of God: Part 3

VS. Kallavan

She was seen sitting on the Giant Needle with Namo, Sophia Tan, Mule Love, and Augusgus during the battle on the first defensive wall of The Nest.

The Second Defensive Wall

Together with her twin sister Sola, She helped Augusgus and Love protecting the Needle from the enemies' attack, mainly from the seahorse-like Shinheuhs.

After Lo Po Bia Yasratcha invited the FUG forces to play a game called Gakja Dosaeng, Sola eagerly decided to join even though Namo was reluctant.[2]


Sola and Namo entered The Cat Tower according to the rules of the game.[3] Inside the Cat Tower, when the twins found two mouse which went into the opposite directions, Sola decided to separate with Namo in order to chase after the mouse. Namo objected Sola's opinion, saying it would be dangerous if they meet an enemy when they got separated as their power would become weaker. Sola didn't listen and left Namo behind while promising to reunite at Jue Viole Grace's field. Sola ended up met an enemy from Zahard's Army when she almost caught the mouse. Her enemy was Kendrick Diel, a Division Commander of 5th Army Corp.[4] However, instead of fighting over the mouse, Kendrick asked Sola to rescue all species that was captured hostage by Yasratcha.[5]

All out fight

While Kendrick Diel draw the attention of the guard, Sola went to release the hostage using the code that the former gave her. After opening the pyramid prison used to imprison the hostage, Sola found out that all the hostages had been brainwashed and under the control of Kendrick. The latter reveal his intention of dominating and capturing Sola. However, before Sola went to the pyramid, she had make sure that the SOS signal she sent received feedback. It turn out the one who received the signal was Hatsu and Leeso. Sola was shocked at first as they are merely regular but she was relieved upon learning Cha is with them. During the ensuing battle, Sola got hypnotized by Kendrick but Cha managed to save her.[6]

A Dark Change

Sola was seen arranging the released hostages after the battle against Kendrick is over.

Powers and Abilities

Given that Sophia Tan, a FUG Elder as well as a High Ranker, trusts her to participate in the war, it is safe to assume she is strong enough as a fighter. In battle, she and Namo acted as Wave Controller and is somewhat good enough to defend the giant needle from the seahorse-like shinheuhs attack when they hold their hands and combine their power. Their combined attack looks like a whirlpool.



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