I am the one who selects and raises the noble talents who inherit the king's blood. I sort out the noble talents and their "prey".

—Snake Charmer introduce himself

Snake Charmer (양식업자, yangsig-eobja) is the one who selects and raises noble talents of the future generation of the Zahard's Princesses.[1] He was the sponsor of Androssi Zahard through her bid to become one of Zahard's Princesses. He appeared as a Data Human that was generated by the hidden floor as the Sworn Enemy of Androssi.

Appearance and Personality

The Snake Charmer is a man with shifting appearance. His golden decorated fang, checkboard black and white teeth, yellow eyes, gray skin, and yellow gold gem on his forehead stay the same. His shifting appearance turned out to be different because he is made of several gray snakes that form the main body.

He is a callous person, doing whatever it takes to achieve his goal. He is also good at reading people, their goals, their motives, and their strength. This makes him very dangerous.

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The Snake Charmer was the one who manipulated and shaped Androssi Zahard through her childhood, even killing her foster parents to achieve his goal of making her a princess of Zahard. [2]

Powers and Abilities

Snake Charmer posses an unique ability. He first appeared in the form of an old man who can produce something that similar to "snakes" or "tentacles" from inside his mouth. This 'snakes' or 'tentacles' are so deadly sharp and each of it's movement are incredibly fast. It can easily pierce through steel and metal, as seen when it's swirling around to kill a group of artificial robots and data humans in no time. The group was quickly overwhelmed, their bodies was torn apart to pieces, leaving nobody alive.[1] This 'snakes' or 'tentacles' also have several different ability than just for piercing enemy, such as:

  • Create and form a body: These "snakes" or "tentacles" will swarming and swirling each other in order to form a main body. This body was different from the old man body.[1] It is still unknown whether 'the old man body' was also created using the same process, but it seems the old man body was only a shell to hide his main body which was formed using the snakes and the tentacles. After forming his main body, he said that he was suprised that "this ability" can be copied and generated by the hidden floor.
  • Binding: it can bind the body of it's enemy, locking their body in place, blocking and preventing them from moving and run away, so he can execute the final, deadly strike to kill them mercilessly. As seen when he can bind the huge body of an armored Shinheuh, preventing that agile shinheuh from moving.
  • Golden Needle: The golden gem on his forehead can turn or change into a long, narrow, and sharp golden needle. When Snake Charmer successfully binded the armored shinheuh, he created a golden needle and aiming it to his enemy's head for the final kill move.[3]
  • Golden Gem: Snake Charmer can change and turn into a golden gem that can be used as accessories. Androssi used it as a gem necklace. It seems that he use this ability to hide and disguised himself as an accessory to protect or accompany the princesses in their fight against the enemies. He will change into the snakes again if the princesses need help or in danger.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train

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  • (To friends of Data Yu Han Sung in the quarantine area) "That's probably.. because of my uniqueness. I am both and all, an individual that both exist and does not exist. I am merely a 'strand of countless lives', now let the hunting begin."
  • (To Androssi) "This time, this one lost control. Just relax. I'm killing any individuals that become hostile. This may be a virtual world, but I have no intention of harming you, Princess, my jewel."[4]
  • (To Baam)"Hey, boy. Watch carefully. I'll show you that you need to have skills like these if you want to be on the same team as a zahard's princess!!"
  • (To Androssi) "I'll help you princess."



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