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Sleeping Drug (Official Term Unknown) is a special substance created by The Workshop to temporarily disarm the Demon inside every Living Ignition Weapon subjects' body, causing the Demon to enter into a sleep state. This drug will also affect the body of it's host. It require 5 minutes time before it take effect.[1]

Ja Wangnan used this drug on Beniamino Cassano in order to capture him and to take revenge for Kang Horyang. He used a syringe which he stab at Cassano's left arm because that's apparently where Cassano's devil was located. Wangnan further added that his Antimatter Bomb that he threw at Cassano is also filled with this substance.

This drug was given by Sophia Amae to help Wangnan in capturing Cassano.

Appearances and Design

The substance has blue color.

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