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Six-Winged Giant Windbird (name unknown) is a Shinheuh commanded by Lo Po Bia Dokoko during the Battle of The Nest. The shinheuh was given to Dokoko directly by the Lo Po Bia Family Head as a gift.[1]

Appearances and Design

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Powers and Abilities

The Giant Windbird is very fast and can disappear in mid air right when it was attacked by Baylord Doom.[2] Turns out it can change its body into wind shinsu to dodge the opponent's attack.[3]

  • Second Form: The Windbird revealed its Second Form after Doom managed to badly injured its First Form with his techniques. In this form, the claws of the Windbird emitted a large amount of blue white smoke shinsu. When the Windbird caught Doom off guard, it managed to grabbed Doom with its claws and squished him tightly. Even Doom admitted that the strength of its grip is very strong and he can't break free.[3]
  • Third Form: The Windbird changed to its Third Form after it was tired fighting with Baylord Paul for a long time. In this form, the Windbird's eyes turned fiery red and it looks way more massive, bigger and fat. Now, the entire body of the Windbird have changed into blue white smoke shinsu. The Windbird looks like as if it has become one with the shinsu itself. When attacking, the Windbird will release shinsu attack that looks like bird feathers. The attack is capable to destroy Floating Ships such as small fighters and shinsu cannon ship.[1]

Lo Po Bia Dokoko actually can transfer his mind into the Windbird after his real body was killed by Baylord Doom.[1]

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