Shopin (쇼핀) was a Regular who made it through most of the Second Floor tests and was assigned the Scout position but ultimately failed the Floor.

Appearance and Personality

Shopin is a relatively tall guy with blonde hair and very small eyes. He looked like an eccentric person and wore a white-grey t-shirt that was long enough that if fell to his ankles.

He acted extremely religious, except in battle when he went into a frenzy and attacked everything while laughing manically. Otherwise, he was always yammering on about how one should trust their faith, etc...

Tower of God: Part 1

Lero-Ro's Test

He made a team with Kon and Dédé Kancho and managed to pass Lero-Ro's Test.

Yu Han Sung's Examination

When encountered with Yu Han Sung's Door Test, Shopin got his team through by "following his faith", which actually led him to the right answer.


Crown Game

He participated in the Crown Game with his team, with them coming out in the first round. When Anak took them all one by herself, Shopin actually managed to punch Anak in the head, but his attack did nothing and she smashed him away.

Last Examination

Although he failed the Position Test Shopin was at the party with all the other remaining Regulars having a good time. Full Black got him drunk causing him to become "possessed" and go wild.

Notes and Trivia

Shopin's religion worshipped a deity known as the "HoHohHo HoHohHohHo god" (호홓호 호홓홓호 신). He claimed he could allow his god to possess his body, leading him to speak through a language that solely consists of "ho" (호) and "hoh" (홓), and seemingly making him become more aggressive, with red eyes.

Alternate Translations

  • Chopin


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