Powers and Abilities[7]

Although on the surface Leesoo seems to have no special or extraordinary qualities about him, he is a man with many hidden depths, he has improved greatly over the first timeskip and shouldn't be underestimated. His Shinsu Resistance has improved drastically over the course of eight years; in Part I on the Floor of Test he struggled greatly trying to get through the shinsu barrier imposed by Lero-Ro[8][9] but in Part II he was shown to easily move around and navigate through the shinsu pressure of the 30th Floor.

Excellent Deduction Skills: Although people who do not know him tend to see him as a babbling idiot, Leesoo's deduction skills are excellent, even smarter than Khun.His intelligence stat is higher than that of your average Ranker.

Excellent Leadership Skills: Despite his lack of physical capabilities, Leesoo has shown impressive leadership qualities. This can be shown by the fact that he leads his team (even though he is the physically weakest member) and, for the most part, his team trusts and listens to his orders and directions when going into battle.


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