Shinwonryu is a Shinsoo manipulation style which can only be mastered by "Those who have opened the door" (most likely the Irregulars).[1][2]

This technique compresses Shinsoo around onto a single point and releases it as a huge explosion. According to the "God" of guardians, this technique is far above what ordinary Regulars can hope to achieve; a small amount of Shinsoo can cause great destruction.[2] A tired Baam, using a single baang of this technique on a pack of big Crystal Shards, was able to utterly annihilate all of them in an instant[3] lending credence to the sheer power of the technique.

Zahard can empower himself by having Shinwonryu explode inside him. [4] Baam feels that it was different from other internal quality shinsoo control like Redan. [5]

  • Baam generating a baang
  • Using it against the big Crystal Shards...
  • generate...
  • ...a devastating shinsoo explosion...
  • ...that absolutely annihilates the Crystal Shards

Notes and Trivia

  • Baam found this control skill fundamentally foreign in comparison to everything else he had ever learnt, needing two months to learn it despite it being used on him.[2]
  • The "God" of guardians can only use this technique in the Hell Express.[2]
  • SIU based the visual on "light" rather than "water" for shinsoo.[6]
  • The technique has been shown to be able to surpass the spell endowing immortality to 43rd Floor inhabitants.[7][8] This has been assumed by the fandom to be a result of the way the shinsoo is controlled.
  • The meaning of 신원류 ("shinwonryu") is ambiguous as SIU has not yet provided the corresponding hanja spelling, when several alternatives are possible.[9][10] In particular, 신 ("shin") is likely 神 ("god/divine", which could also refer to shinsoo), and 원류 ("wonryu") could be either 圓 ("won") and 流 ("ryu") ("circle style") or 源流 ("wonryu") ("origin and development/source and course (of a river, spring, etc)"). It is likely that SIU is playing with several of the meanings.
  • Data Zahard calls Baam's earlier use of this technique (before he started using it with orb) as a sloppy 'imitation' of Shinwonryu, one he learned from the "God" of guardians.[11] This suggest that this technique, while by itself powerful, should not be used as it is. Khun Eduan reinforced this by saying that Shinwonryu can only be used when one had already found the quality of shinsoo that suits them.[12]

Alternative Translations

  • Black-Hole Sphere (LINE)
  • Divine Circular Flow[13]
  • Divine Whirlpool[6]
  • Divine Origin Circular Style [14]
  • Source of Shinsoo[15]


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