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Shinwonryu (신원류) is a Shinsu manipulation style which can only be mastered by "Those who have opened the door" (Irregulars).[2][3]


Long time ago, before Zahard and the Great Warriors (his 12 companions) reached the top of the Tower, a master of The Workshop created a special place called "The Rice Pot" to train Zahard and his companions to undergo "Revolution".[4] At some point, "God" of Guardians taught them Shinwonryu as part of their training.


Shinwonryu is an exclusive technique only for Irregulars that can be learned from "God" of Guardians on the Hell Train. It's only exclusive to Irregulars because they can control the Shinsu freely without the Guardian's contract or permission.[2] Ordinary Regulars is restricted by Guardians to use Shinsu freely and need to make contract first.

This technique compresses Shinsu around onto a single point and releases it as a huge explosion. It can also be called as explosion of space. According to the "God" of Guardians, this technique is far above what ordinary Regulars can hope to achieve, it's impossible for them. A small amount of Shinsu can cause a great destruction.[3] A tired Baam, using a single baang of this technique on a pack of big Crystal Shards, was able to utterly annihilate all of them in an instant[5] lending credence to the sheer power of the technique.

Known User

"God" of Guardians

God" of Guardians's Shinwonryu

"God" of Guardians is an artificial being created by a master of The Workshop to personally teach Zahard and his 12 companions about Revolution. GOG is the creator and also teacher of shinwonryu technique. GOG can make two shinwonryu on both side of his hands. GOG can only use shinwonryu on the Hell Train.

Twenty-Fifth Baam

Baam learned Shinwonryu after "God" of Guardians decide to teach him. At first, "God" of Guardians hesitated to teach him because Baam showed a behavior of those who was "consumed by hatred to get stronger", and GOG also afraid that Baam will be the second version of Zahard, but after GOG listened to Baam's explanation, he finally understand that Baam only want to get stronger so he can stay by the side of his friends, unlike Zahard's motive "to stand above others".

Baam found this control skill fundamentally foreign in comparison to everything else he had ever learnt. Although Baam has Technique Replication skill that allowed him to learn a skill in instant by observing or taken direct hit from the opponents skill, he need two months to learn shinwonryu despite it being used on him by GOG.[3]

Data Zahard calls Baam's earlier use of this technique (before he started using it with orb) as a sloppy 'imitation' of Shinwonryu, one he learned from the "God" of Guardians.[6] This suggest that this technique, while by itself powerful, should not be used as it is. Khun Eduan reinforced this by saying that Shinwonryu can only be used when one had already found the quality of Shinsu that suits them.[7]

The design of Baam's shinwonryu has changed from time to time. At first, it's has blue and pink color,[5] but later it changed to yellow and white.[8][9] This is because SIU himself decide to change the visual design of shinwonryu to more of a "light" based or something primal.[10]


As someone who also has been trained by "God" of Guardians, Zahard can also use Shinwonryu. In his data version, Data Zahard will insert his Shinwonryu into his own body and then release it from his entire body to create a powerful explosion that can destroy the surrounding area.[11] This is similar, yet different to Lightning Pill (Khun Ran and Khun Maschenny Zahard eat the lightning pill to power up themselves). Zahard's technique is more safer and effective.[12] The real Zahard might have changed the way how he use Shinwonryu.


Akryung vs Baam.jpg

While training his Shinsu loop, Baam encountered Akryung or "Ghost" who is suddenly attacking with a giant Shinsu purple baang burst. Baam then create his giant Shinsu orb to counter Akryung's shinshoo. When their Shinsu clashed, Baam finally noticed, but was confused as to why Akryung can use Shinwonryu.[13]

Notes and Trivia

  • The "God" of Guardians can only use this technique in the Hell Express.[3]
  • SIU decided to change the visual design of shinwonryu to be more based on the visual of "light" rather than "water" for normal Shinsu. So the color changed from blue-pink to yellow.[10]
  • The technique has been shown to be able to surpass the spell endowing immortality to 43rd Floor inhabitants.[14][15] This has been assumed by the fandom to be a result of the way the Shinsu is controlled.
  • The meaning of 신원류 ("shinwonryu") is ambiguous as SIU has not yet provided the corresponding hanja spelling, when several alternatives are possible.[16][17] In particular, 신 ("shin") is likely 神 ("god/divine", which could also refer to Shinsu), and 원류 ("wonryu") could be either 圓 ("won") and 流 ("ryu") ("circle style") or 源流 ("wonryu") ("origin and development/source and course (of a river, spring, etc)"). It is likely that SIU is playing with several of the meanings.
  • Although it is unknown if Urek Mazino can use Shinwonryu, he was able to recognize it easily as a technique used by the 10 Family Heads, indicating he had seen the Family Heads use it or Arie Hon may have used it against him when Urek took his test and fought him to a draw for 10 minutes.

Alternative Translations

  • Black-Hole Sphere (LINE)
  • Divine Circular Flow[18]
  • Divine Whirlpool[10]
  • Divine Origin Circular Style[19]
  • Source of Shinsu[20]



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