This article is about Shinsu Teleportation Device. If you're looking for similar technology, see Shinsu Warp Device.

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Shinsu Teleportation Device or simply Teleport Device (텔레포트 장치, Tellepoteu Jangchi)[1] is an advanced technology or machine created by The Workshop[2] that manipulate Shinsu to transfer any object and living organism in the Tower from one place to another very quickly within seconds, thus allowing the "super fast short-distance travel".[3]


Teleport Device technology or machine was created to make "Teleportation" more easier and more efficient without having to rely heavily on the Lighthouse Teleportation skill of the Light Bearers. This is mainly because a Light Bearer won't always be available in a team.

Teleport Device is equipped on every types of Floating Ship. All Teleport Devices in a Floating Ship are compatible with any type of Lighthouse, so it's very easy to connect. To connect a Lighthouse to a Teleport Device , the Light Bearer must input their Lighthouse code into the computer near the Teleport Device.[1]



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  • Teleport Machine
  • Teleporter



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