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Everything can be shinsu

Shinsu Quality (신수 성질, Shinsu Seongjil)[1] or Shinsu Properties (신수 속성, Shinsu Sogseong)[2] is a special kind of Shinsu that possesses special attributes / properties / qualities. The people who have a Shinsu quality are considered special.[1]


Shinsu controlled by a few special people contains special qualities. The properties of shinsu are dictated entirely by how it flows, allowing it to behave as heat, light, and the innumerable other phenomena of the world. When shinsu develops a flow that causes it to behave as one of these phenomena, it is said to have a Quality. It is exceptionally rare for one to be able to cause the shinsu they control to manifest Quality, but the benefits are extreme, as a shinsu quality that suits its user is easier to use, and can be concentrated into a Baang easier, with even greater density. One may have more than one Shinsu Quality. For instance, Khun Eduan has 3 qualities, two of which are electricity and ice.[1] It is possible to discover your Shinsu Quality instantly by using a Shinsu Reactant, otherwhise it is quite hard to discover one's Shinsu Quality.[1]

Quality-Manifested Shinsu Control

When Shinsu quality is manifested externally by it's user.

Internal-Quality Shinsu Control

When the user explodes his or her Shinsu with its Shinsu quality manifested within their body, they can obtain more power and strength. An example of this would be the Lightning Pill.

Types of Shinsu Quality

Shinsu Attributes / Properties

List of Elemental Attributes / Properties
# Attributes / Properties Alternate Translation Users
1 Fire Flames Evankhell
2 Lightning[1] Electricity, Thunder Most of the Khun Family members
3 Ice[1] None Khun Eduan, Khun Aguero Agnis, Khun Royale Elliot
4 Stone[4] Rock Rak Wraithraiser
5 Wind (speculation) Gale Phonsekal Laure, Phonsekal Irure[5], Phonsekal Yurure
6 Crystal (speculation)[6] None Legendary Giant of the Tower and FUG Elder Khel Hellam
7 Plants (speculation) Wood, Earth, Dirt Hesse and Wood Minotaur (Ancient power of Khel Hellam)

Shinsu Shapes

List of Shinsu Shapes
# Attributes / Properties Alternate Translation Users
1 Shinsu Orb None Twenty-Fifth Baam, Evankhell
2 Shinsu Bubble None Vicente, Ha Yuri Zahard, Yu Han Sung, Tinker Yolche
3 Shinsu Spear None Khun Eduan, Khun Maschenny Zahard, Khun Ran, Khun Aguero Agnis
4 Shinsu Shield None Rak Wraithraiser
5 Shinsu Sword None Hoaqin
6 Shinsu Bow None Khel Hellam

Notes and Trivia

Alternate Translation

  • Shinsu Quality[1]
  • Shinsu Attributes[3]
  • Shinsu Properties[2]



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