I choose you, explosion!

Shinsu Bombs are a type of weapon mostly seen being used by Ja Wangnan. When thrown it releases a huge explosion of Shinsu energy, and leaves a cloud of dense Shinsu. As he climbs the tower, Wangnan is shown to use different types of bombs with different abilities.

These round-shaped bombs are bright cyan on the top half and white on the bottom. They are supposedly quite powerful, although Jyu Viole Grace was able to resist them almost effortlessly.

According to Baam, they cannot be stopped by reverse-flow control.[1]

Notes and Trivia

  • They are a reference to Poké Balls, sharing a similar appearance and a blue top, instead of red.
  • In another reference to Pokémon, SIU's motif for Lero-Ro was Pikachu.

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