Shinsoo Resistance is an ability which allows one to resist a certain density or viscosity of Shinsoo. Because Shinsoo can be many things in the Tower, Shinsoo resistance could even be defined as an ability to withstand a certain amount of almost anything or possibly, everything made up of Shinsoo.


All Tower inhabitants such as Shinheuh, humans and other species have varying amounts of Shinsoo resistance but there are also some individuals who have side-effects to high concentrations of Shinsoo. If the density is much higher than one can withstand, it can cause pain, nausea, bleeding or even death to an individual.[1] Based on the amount of Shinsoo resistance one possesses, one might survive a certain amount of damage incurred from Shinsoo attacks caused by an ability or an item.

Depending on one's ability, this means one can even enter and move around in areas with a certain amount of Shinsoo density without incurring too much, if any, restriction of movement. One can also try to force themselves through a barrier with a density somewhat higher than their body can withstand but they might suffer some injuries, like bleeding.[2]

All known Irregulars who have developed much of their abilities, are likely to possess very high Shinsoo resistance and Shinsoo manipulation.

Observable Properties of Shinsoo Resistance

There are a few instance in the series where some of the properties of Shinsoo resistance can be observed. Shinsoo will cause friction with objects moving through it. The less Shinsoo resistance one has, the more friction is applied to oneself. This was heavily implied in the first chapters when Baam faced the White Steel Eel and negligible "friction" was exerted on Baam, demonstrating his high Shinsoo resistance. Later during the barrier test administered by Lero-Ro, the friction against the Regulars was strong enough to push them back. Also, Kurudan commented that normal people would have great force exerted on them while going into a Steel Eel dwelling, since very few Regulars have the Shinsoo resistance of an Irregular.[3] Apparently high Shinsoo density areas require high Shinsoo resistance in order to successfully navigate through them. Extreme Shinsoo density can even mangle a person.[4] According to Lero-Ro, having low Shinsoo resistance should be compared to being allergic to Shinsoo. Another good example is when Koon is passing through the Shinsoo barrier, he himself has no issues whatsoever but Manbarondenna, which carried additional Regulars with lower resistance than his, had a lot of friction being exerted on it.[2]

Also, it seems Shinsoo resistance can be a hereditary train upon the Tower's inhabitants, specially those from the 10 Great Families. For example: Yuri Zahard has unnaturally high Shinsoo resistance, so she experiences barely any restriction of body movement.[3] She probably inherited part or all of this resistance from her great-grandparents Ha Yurin.

Boosting Shinsoo Resistance

There are also ways Shinsoo resistance can be increased by natural or artificial means.

  1. By adjusting to an area of high Shinsoo density like Rak Wraithraiser who likely hunted on Shinheuh in areas of different density.
  2. Through items like the Mule Glove, which is an Armour Inventory capable of increasing Shinsoo resistance.

Note: There may be even more ways of increasing Shinsoo resistance and it's also unknown if one's natural Shinsoo resistance can stop developing.


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