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Shining Fan! Blow them away!

Shining Fan (광륭선, Gwanglyungseon) is an enormous fan weapon owned by Ha Cheonhee.

Appearances and Design

The Shining Fan is one of many very unusual weapon within the Tower. Unlike most of the basic and common weapons, it takes form of a giant traditional fan. The Shining Fan is bright yellow in color and the size is around twice as tall as Cheonhee.


Tower of God: Part 2 - The Last Station

The Shining Fan was first seen to be used by Cheonhee to penetrate Yu Han Sung's defense who was protecting several small transport Floating Ships which were boarded by Twenty-Fifth Baam, Androssi Zahard, and Yeo Miseng. Hansung failed to block the Shining Fan attack but all of them were saved by Princess Ha Yuri Zahard.[1]

Tower of God: Part 3

The Nest (Arc)

Cheonhee bring out all her weapon

The Shining Fan was later seen again during the Battle of The Nest when Ha Cheonhee was trapped inside the Karaka's Heart. Cheonhee bring out her Shining Fan to fight Yu Han Sung, Gromm, and Death Bird.[2][3]

Powers and Abilities

The Shining Fan is quite powerful. With just one swing, it can send a very powerful wind blast. Even the talented Wave Controller, Yu Han Sung, wasn't able to stop it and was surprised he was still alive, having been helped by Yuri .[4]

  • Vortex of Doom: The Shining Fan released a powerful wind blast tornado to the point it displayed a face of a demon.



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