Seven Knights (モンスターストライク, Monsutāsutoraiku) is a video game with RPG elements, a strategy game and several cooperatives. It was developed by Mixi for iOS and Android platforms. This game was co-created by netmarble.[1] In Japan, the name is often abbreviated as Monst (モ ン ス ト Monsuto). As of June 30, 2015, this game has a daily income of $ 4.2 million. The more traditional Seven Knights RPG was released for Nintendo 3DS in December 2015.[2]

Seven Knights X Tower of God

Seven Knights x Top Collaboration (ver

Seven Knights x Top Collaboration (ver.30sec)

A short preview trailer (30 seconds) for Seven Knight game collaboration with tower of god

A few months after the shut down of the independent Tower of God android game by Neowiz Able Studio, a mobile game "Seven Knights" announced game collaboration with Tower of God Characters. Seven Knight decided to present 4 characters of Tower of God that includes EnryuYuri ZahardKhun AA, and Twenty-Fifth Baam.

This game collaboration itself more likely a marketing purposes for Korean, in order to increase the popularity of tower of god as a webtoon, because these characters are only available at the Korean Server, not the global one. For more info about the details of Baam as a game character, please visit Seven Knights Wiki (Baam).

Seven Knights X Tower of God Gallery

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