So I really should try living life again with my teeth clenched. If I give it my all - don't you think I'd find at least two reasons to live? Like them.

—Serena to a dead Ho[1]

Serena Rinnen was a Regular who passed most of the tests on the Second Floor and was assigned the Scout position. She ended up failing the Floor.


Serena used to be a thief, who raided various merchant caravans for wealth. However, one day she ran into a caravan protected by a Ranker and her whole group was decimated. After she realised the fragility of human life, she was then approached by Headon, who chose her as a Regular and teleported her to the Inner Tower.

Appearance and Personality

She was a plain, ordinary looking woman with brown hair, brown eyes and an ample bust. She wore a plain brown dress-like garment and wielded a small knife.

Upon first coming to the Tower, she was determined to gain power in order to stop anyone who would get in her way and with a resolve never to be as helpless as she was when her friends died. However, once observing Team A's resolve and being part of an existence greater than the individual, she felt repulsed at her past actions. When she witnessed the fight between Androssi and Quant, she then resolved to try harder in life, instead of cowering when things were taken from her so that she might find a reason to live, something she didn't have when she first came into the Tower.

Tower of God: Part 1

Lero-Ro's Test

Serena managed to pass the first test on the Second Floor, by attacking and dismembering everyone she ran into and then teamed up with Phonsekal Laure and Ho afterwards. During Lero-Ro's Test she and Ship Leesoo initially failed to get through the barrier but eventually managed to push their way through with sheer force of will.

Yu Han Sung's Examination

Her team took Yu Han Sung's Door Test and passed thanks to Laure's laziness.

Crown Game

Serena participated in the second round of the Crown Game with her team and fought against Ship Leesoo alongside Ho. She then surrendered after Anak ignited her weapon while she was fighting Laure.


For the Hide-and-Seek Test, she was put on Team B. She positioned herself with Ho according to Androssi's plan. She talked to Ho about how she had initially felt great about beating the other Regulars in the first test, but as she got to know those who made it through, she imagined having to kill them to ascend through the Tower and was disgusted at the thought. She then yelled at Ho, who mysteriously ran off. Once alerted of the Quant's presence, she ran and went to help Hatsu, only to get captured and tied up by Parakewl and Mauchi. She then witnessed Ho holding Rachel hostage and then Baam using a strange technique to help in freeing her. She was mortified when Ho committed suicide and when Androssi finally turned up and revealed her real intentions, Serena slapped her for her actions but Androssi calmly retorted with armour-piercing statements. Serena ended up watching Androssi and Quant's fight whilst sitting next to Ho's corpse and then as Team B won.

Last Examination

She was present at a small funeral given to Ho. Later on, Serena ended up failing the Position Test but was present at the party with all the other remaining Regulars. Even though she had failed, her experiences on the Floor of Test had caused her to become a stronger person by that point.

Powers and Abilities

Serena didn't exhibit any special powers or notable qualities and even struggled to get through Lero-Ro's barrier in one of the first tests.

Alternate Translations

  • Serena Linnen


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