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Segregation Drug (Official Term Unknown) is a special substance created by The Workshop with joint cooperation along with FUG. This substance can "separate" Guardian (e.g. Red Thryssa) forcefully from it's host body, in this case, from Hell Joe's body.[1]

Urek Mazino said that he stole this drug from a secret base of FUG and The Workshop. This drug was discovered by one of Wolhaiksong members when they raid a laboratory while investigating about connection between FUG and The Workshop. However, Urek didn't know why FUG would have something like this.[1] In the end, Urek successfully injected the syringe on Hell Joe's left arm and it managed to separate Hell Joe and Red Thryssa.[2]

It's still unknown for what purpose this substance were created.

Appearances and Design

The substance has blue purplish color.

Notes and Trivia

  • It's still unclear whether this drug were specifically made only to separate Guardian like-being or it can also separate Demon like creatures from it's Living Ignition Weapon subjects.



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