Old Scout

The Scout (탐색꾼, 探索꾼, tamsaegkkun) is the Position for literally scouting. They move ahead of the group, observe the environment and situation. They also aid the Fishermen as secondary offence.


Scouts are usually lightly armed for the intention to be agile and swift in movement and thinking. They usually play the role of helping the Fishermen regain a foothold or keeping watch of the enemy's movements. However, in terms of frequency and risk of combat, a Scout is a step above the Fisherman as they are often the first to encounter the enemy (e.g. Ship Leesoo encountering the Bull). Scout is a position which regards mental strength as very important, so someone who possesses weak mental strength can't be a Scout.[1]

They read the change of Shinsoo and collect visible data about the environment and enemies, using Observers, which then transfer gathered information back to the Light Bearers. They are basically divided into two types: The Basic Scouts generally work on gathering information for the Light Bearers and keep watch whilst the Battle Valuing Scouts focus on backing up the Fishermen in close-range combat.

Basic Arming (Ranker)

  • 2 Observers
  • 1 Inventory (small, with the intention of light movement and light weapons)

Techniques used by Scouts

  • Black Fish: A much used Shinsoo technique that blocks out light, thereby making the scout "invisible". This is both used to hinder the attack of Fishermen and Spear Bearers and is just as important to help the Scout's Observers.
  • Hologram: Using an Observer, the Scout can create a hologram of themselves to trap the enemy. The hologram can move like the real thing, but it disappears when it is attacked.

Known Scouts



Failed Regulars

Notes and Trivia

  • SIU mentions that Scouts "like" darkness.[2]
  • Scouts are usually the person with the fittest body. And in the cases that the enemy's Light Bearer is more inexperienced, the Scout has the upper hand. And Spear Bearers would have serious trouble at close range against Scouts. But if the good Light Bearer and Spear Bearer spot the enemy Scout, the Scout is in danger.[3]


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