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There was a time when SIU posted responses to fans' questions. Some of these were already translated, so you may already know all about it. In that case, you can review them as you read. I had added some joke questions, too. Enjoy SIU's sense of humor.

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The links do not work unless you are a registered member of the fan cafe. I put them anyway as sources. There are probably typos and grammatical errors, but I will fix them later. Just leave me a comment when there is confusion.[1]

SIU Fan Cafe Q&A 2010


Q: Is it true that Yuri is 180cm tall? (06/20/2010)

  • A: It’s the real truth. The people in the tower are tall in general (because of Shinsoo).
  • There is also a few cm difference in Baam’s height between the time when he was inside of the cave and now when he is outside of the cave.
  • In the tower, Yuri is on the smaller side.[2]

Q: What kind of genre are you into for comics? (2010)

  • A: I like them all regardless of genres ^^ It’s hard to read gore stuffs though haha;; Some of the most memorable mangas for me were Kei Toume’s the Lament of the Lamb, Naoki Urasawa’s Monster. They are both good works, so I recommend you to give them a read.
  • The manga I am currently reading.. The Full metal Alchemist, Vagabond, and Real. Those are the ones I am currently enjoying.
  • Actually, I don’t read many mangas currently ^^;; So I don’t really know much about the recent ones.[3]


  • SIU: Yuri is a character for the later half, so I'm planning to save her until then.[4]

Q: Are Rachel and Baam dating? (07/22/2010)

  • A: Rachel and Baam are not dating. The relationship is more complicated than that.[5]

Q: Will Baam become the king of the tower? (07/26/2010)

  • A: Well ^^ If you know it now, it won’t be interesting. So I won’t tell you. (If I can provide you some hints, the king of the tower is a bit different from how you think of the kings) [6]

Q: How old is Baam? (08/10/2010)

  • A: Baam’s age is secret by the setting. You will know this when you get to see his backstory episodes but.. There is actually no way to find out his age—;[7]

Q: Will Rachel and Yuri be the only female protagonists? Can you tell more about female protagonist..? (08/21/2010)

  • A: The female protagonist is Rachel. Rachel is more of a female protagonist than a love interest.
  • If you are talking about the love interest, there will be an appearance in the future. Though he does not look like it, Baam will make a lot of women cry (…)
  • It will be spectacular if things go as planned haha;;[8]

Q: Where did the white scarf go, the one that Baam wrapped around his neck? (08/28/2010)

  • A: He used it to cover up the Black March ^^ Koon came up with the idea to disguise it. [9]

Q: How did Lero Ro know Baam’s name? (08/30/2010)

  • A: You should not underestimate Ranker ^^; He did not become the Test Admin for nothing, Lero Ro already had memorized all of the Regulars’ names and teams. Also, because he is a Light Bearer, his memory and observation are particularly outstanding.[10]

Q: What is the species of Mr. Alligator! I want to have one! (09/06/2010)

  • A: Rak is a species called Wraithraiser. ^^ The Wraithraiser that follows Rak’s name when he presents himself is actually the name of the species ^^ [11]

Q: Is Anak woman?

Q: Headon forgot to give Baam the Pocket. So how were they able to have conversations? (09/06/2010)

  • A: If I answer this it would be a spoiler.. So I cannot give you a clear answer. You will eventually get the answer as the story progresses.
  • PS. Thank you for finding things I kept hidden well. Thank you ^^ [13]

Q: Do Karneval and ToG stories connect each other? (09/07/2010)

  • A: Not directly. But a bit indirectly ^^ [14]

Q: When ToG was in the Best Challenge section, Headon said to Baam, “I truly welcome you for coming to the tower. The boy who was born on the night that tower cried.” Why was this line erased?(09/12/2010)

  • A: This line has some foreshadowings, but I took it out because it might give too much confusion in the beginning.[15]

Q: If someone knows how to teleport of fly, can they move between floors? (09/13/2010)

  • A: Each floors of the Inner Tower are completely separated physically. The Middle Areas are connected but.. In conclusion, even if you know how to fly, you cannot move up to the upper floors;;
  • People inside the tower cannot go to the outside. Also people who are at the outside of the tower cannot enter the tower as well ^^ (except few people who have special power and abilities)
  • In conclusion, ‘climbing the tower is tremendously difficult’ ^^ [16]

Q: Tell me the ending lolololololololololololololololololol

  • A: I cannot lolololololololololololololololololololol[17]

Q: You said that most of the royals were killed by the irregular Phantaminum. So does Jahad have only few children left? (09/20/2010)

  • A: Most of Jahad’s daughters are not left in the palace. They are roaming around the tower. Because of this, no daughters were killed during Phantamimum’s invasion.
  • Jahad’s royal family does not mean that they carry his blood.[18]

Q: SIU.. what’s Baam’s identity..??

  • A: Protagonist. Ha ha.[19]

Q: Do you draw Manhwa after deciding on the theme or overall plot? (09/21/2010)

  • A: Ah.. I make stories first and then characters.. For characters it’s whatever I want..
  • When I am making characters, I am interested in the charming aspect of the character. I think about ‘how can I use this guy to draw certain emotion from the readers..’ and stuff.
  • As I think about the chracter’s past and life, I can vaguely capture the current look as well, so that’s the moment I decide on visuals.[20]

Q: 1. Is Asul Edwaru a Ranker?
2. Are the the materials for the weapons come from the tower? Like Shinsoo..
3. Are they crafted in the way we think about it?
4. When were the 13 Months made?
5. Will Ashul Edwaru ever make an appearance? (09/27/2010)

  • A: 1. He is the master of the Workshop. In terms of the status, he is like a High Ranker.
  • 2. Weapons are made from melding Shinsoo and materials together. Better weapons will be made if the craftsman is good with Shinsoo.
  • 3. No. They are made with Shinsoo. Sometimes Shinheuh is used, too. There are a lot of special weapons.
  • 4. Jahad had given Edwaru a special mineral, and it is widely known that the 13 Month series were made from it. ^^
  • 5. If Tog can be kept continued ^^;;

Q: The rabbit (Headon) said that everything is on the top. Does that mean they become a god or something when they reach the top? (09/28/2010)

  • A: They just believe it as the words say. Since no one had ever reached the top.[22]

Q: Is the world of ToG consisted of: Where Baam was + the tower + the outer world Rachel mentioned (10/03/2010)

  • A: Umm.. The three places are not all different worlds. Detailed will be shown in the future ^^ It is correct that the place where Baam was is different from the tower.[23]

Q: 1. Is Koon climbing the tower because he was abandoned?
2. Why did Lero Ro not know Baam is irregular when Yuri, Headon, and Quant knew? (10/04/2010)

  • 1. No. In theory the Chosen Sons have higher chances of being selected. There is a high chance for them to return to the Koon house as well ^^ Koon is a rare case who has been selected for the individual ability.
  • 2. Headon, Quant, and Yuri did not have a particular ability to tell. Headon and Yuri knew Baam is a irregular from beginning. Quant knew it from the report. But for Lero Ro, he had never heard from others that he is an irregular.

Q: About YHS’s tests, how did the first team got the hints? (10/05/2010)

  • A: Some test assistants went into the room pretending to be taking tests. I thought of including this in the episode but took it out because it might get too long. ^^ [24]

Q: Does Jahad neglect his daughters? If Jahad’s daughters are this strong, wouldn’t it be extremely unfair to other regulars ? (10/18/2010)

  • A: All of Jahad’s daughters are being administrated. You can check the way they do this la~ter in future. However, because Jahad’s daughters are so strong, it is true that they are troublesome wherever they go.
  • First of all, it is a rare case for so many Jahad’s daughters to participate in one game. There was a case where twins have participated (..) But it almost never happens for Jahad’s daughters to be among the regulars. ^^
  • Also as we go up, one can repeatedly take tests as an individual or a team. So it does not get extremely unfair just because Jahad’s daughter is in it. There are some tests for too strong people where they can skip some floors as well.
  • PS. Without being a Ranker, one cannot freely roam around the tower^^ [25]

Q: Is Yu Hansung a guy? (10/06/2010)

Q: Is Koon a guy?

  • A: Also X to the Y[27]

Q: Why were there no Test Admin or Ruler in the first floor? (10/07/2010)

  • A: In normal circumstances, no one can get into the first floor. ^^ Regulars take tests from the second floor. So the only Baam took the test in the first floor.[28]

Q: I am curious about the Pockets. YHS’s looks nice but Baam’s is just a black orb. Also, what determines the Posket’s rank? (10/08/2010)

  • A: Pockets come in different designs. The basic design is a round word ^^ You can purchase custom Pockets from the Workshop. Pockets have different functions depending on the rank. The biggest difference is ‘the number of languages that can be understood.’[29]

Q: Did the Crown games exist before as a bonus game? (10/11/2010)

  • A: Sometimes ^^ When there were too strong regulars, they had to send them up quick.[30]

Q: What kinds of functions are in the Pockets other than calling and clock? (10/11/2010)

  • A: There are a lot of them like dictionary, watch, translator, wallet, etc ^^ [31]


  • Yuri and Lero-ro have met each other while climbing the tower. Yu Han Sung climbed the tower before Lero-ro and Yuri. If Yu Han Sung didn't mess around in Evankhell's floor, his rank would have been similar to Yuri's rank.[4]

Q: Is Rachel irregular? (10/18/2010)

  • A: Rachel and Baam are irregulars ^^
  • The definition of regulars is those who were selected by Headon from the Outer Tower.

Q: Aren't Zahard's daughters picked from rankers?

  • A: They are not rankers. They are picked from young daughters of many families. Those daughters then climb the tower.[4]

Q: Question about the King Jahad’s influence (10/21/2010)

  • A: Without spoilers, the king of the tower, as the title says, is the king of the tower. He is the one who made the society of the current tower. Much of the relationship between the Floor Guardians and Jahad is kept secret. There is not much I can tell you ^^
  • However, it is correct that the one who made the current method of testing are Jahad and Headon. Not much is known about previous tests. And those who climb the tower as regulars are all under Jaha’s influence. There are many people who work for Jahad after becoming Rankers. And since the entire tower is under the King Jahad and 10 houses’ influence, even Rankers cannot live ignoring them.
  • For the world above 135th floor, you can see it as a whole different world ^^ [32]

Q: Do you make the story as you go or already have a whole plan? (11/01/2010)

  • A: The general plot, up to the ending, is already decided. The setting is almost decided as well. For the partial plot, I often make it as I go, and so is the partial setting. But I rarely make episodes one by one. I make a plan for 10 episodes all at once and connect them all together.
  • Since interesting stories are more important for the work than settings, if I feel something drags, I sometimes rewrite already planned stories. But the general plot rarely changes.[33]

Q: What were the stairs Yuri used when she went down to the 1st floor?

  • A: It is passage that connects floors. Beginner regulars like Baam cannot use it. Also, because the paths are so complicated, without a Guide it is very hard to walk it. The ones that shine the the passages are small compact light houses. Sometimes Light Bearers use this in battle.[34]

Q: Like the Silver Dwarf and the Red Witch for the Guide position, are there famous races for others positions aw well?

  • A: There are some races that are specialized in certain positions. I cannot tell you in details, but for the Wave Controller position, Merfolks are famous. For the Light Bearer position, Da-an tribe is famous, because they have many eyes and have a wide field of view ^^ [35]

Q: What’s Headon’s gender? (11/04/2010)

  • A: He is male ^^ [36]

Q: Is the throne inherited? Is there no Jahad’s Prince? Or does the strong Princess will ascend the throne? (11/05/2010)

  • A: Jahad had never have a son. Since the likelihood for Jahad’s death is zero, he does not need to think about succession^^;; It is said the Jahad’s sons are not needed for the succession of the throne as well.[37]

Q: The door in the first episode was very big. Why was that? (11/06/2010)

  • A: The bigger the cooler it is.[38]

Q: How was ToG made? (11/08/2010)

  • A: I made it while I was doodling on military haha;;[39]

Q: What’s the blue scarf Koon has on his head?

  • A: It’s Koon house’s symbol.[40]

Q: Is Rak a weakling? (11/09/2010)

  • A: His future positions is a Spear Bearer. He is not a Shinsoo user, but is capable of moving very fast in Shinsoo. In terms of physical abilities, he is on stronger side even among regulars. Once he learns how to use Shinsoo, he might become strong enough to fight with Laure.[41]

Q: Will there be a change to the main casts?

  • A: I cannot tell the details because it will become spoiler, but some of the characters in the season 1 will have some importance in season 2 and 3 as well.[42]

Q: You said that only High Rankers can challenge the 135th floor, is it because of the difficulty level?

  • A: It’s because from the 135th floor you don’t know what will come out ^^; It depends on the Floor Guardian’s mind. No matter how much the Rankers oppose this, because the Floor Guardian is so strong, it won’t really matter.[43]

Q: If it took 50 years for Urek to climb the tower, how long did it take for other Rankers? (11/10/2010)

  • A: I did not make anything detailed, but rougly speaking, Hansung and Yuri took 2~300 years. Lero Ro probably took longer than that. Yuri and Hansung are both older than 500 years old.[44]

(11/08/2010) Lero-ro is about 2m tall.[4]

Q: How does Yuri’s hair tie hold up? (11/14/2010)

  • A: Yuri’s ribbon is fixed on a round ring. She does not tie it.[45]

Q: People say that the protagonists often resemble the authors themselves. Do you resemble Baam more or Koon more? (11/19/2010)

  • A: Everybody, the characters in Manhwa are just people in imagination. Come back to reality! [46]

Q: About the sniper guy, does his rifle make bullets from Shinsoo? (11/29/2010)

  • A: It is true that it is fired using Shinsoo, but bullets themselves are not made by Shinsoo.[47]

Q: You said all the irregulars are strong, but why is Baam just hitting on women? (12/03/2010)

  • A: His ability is that face.[48]

Q: Who’s your favorite character? (12/07/2010)

  • A: If I have to pick one, it would be Rachel.[49]

Q: You said all of the people in the tower are Jahad’s daughters and sons, what does that mean? (12/08/2010)

  • A: It just means that Jahad’s influence is that big. There are no Jahad’s children who are actually blood relatives. But there are a lot of people who have the 10 houses’ blood. Because they are considered as the upper class, sometimes they collide with the tower’s natives ^^
  • The truth about the irregulars and outside of the tower will be spoiler, so it is hard to answer ^^;[50]

Q: Which hand does Baam prefer? (12/09/2010)

  • A: Baam was born as an ambidextrous, but used his right hand when he was leaning.. In conclusion, he is an ambidextrous who is more comfortable with his right hand!? I think.[51]

Fact: The first floor's contents (paintings or murals) foreshadow the entire story of Tower of God.

Q: Who was the woman in Koon’s flashback in the episode 12? (12/11/2010)

  • A: Maria is Koon’s sister who has a different mother. The details wii be revealed later ^^ [52]

Q: Does Rak have a tail? (12/13/2010)

  • A: He has one. But’s it’s short (..) [53]


  • If you get to know her, Lahel (Rachel), in fact, is a really charming character, haha.[4]

Q: Is Yuri a member of the Wing Tree? How do you get into it? (12/20/2010)

  • A: As I had written in the blog, Wing Three has a opposite ideology from the tower’s royal government. So there is no way for Yuri to join the Wing Tree^^;; She just play with them because they get along each other.
  • The Wing Tree has a selection system. The members with more than four wings can recommend a Ranker or Regular as a member. The executives of the Wing Tree do the approvals ^^
  • If I add one more thing, among current regulars, one of them will become the future executive of the Wing Tree.[54]

Q: Where do Jahad, Jahad’s daughters, and 10 houses live? (12/21/2010)

  • A: The Middle Area works as a residential district. But usually Rankers and Regulars reside there. The 10 houses’ palaces look like floating palaces like Evankhell’s mothership. Of course it can move to the Outer Tower, the Inner Tower, and the Middle Area. Because the floating ipalace is classified as a special area, people who are not regulars also can get in. Though that does not mean it is open to everyone.
  • If they are not regulars and they try to get out from the palace when it is in the Outer Tower or the Middle Area.. Since this is crazy, it’s almost impossible. After all, one needs to be able to control Shinsoo if one wants to survive after jumping from the mothership ^^;;
  • It does not mean there was no successful case, but because that was a very special, it is still almost impossible.[55]

Q: 1. You said Baam’s name came from his birthday, how did Baam know that when he did not have a family? 2. What does it mean that Headon is the oldest Floor Guardian? (12/24/2010)

  • A: 1. Rachel told him. 2. It’s because Headon is the first Floor Guardian Jahad ever met. He was the first one to play the role of the Floor Guardian. This does not mean Headon is the oldest in terms of age among the Floor Guardians. All of the Floor Guardians’ ages are unknown.[56]

Q: What’s Yu Hansung’s position? (03/27/2011)

  • A: Hansung is a Wave Controller. Since he is a Ranker who is close to being a High Ranker, he is capable of doing all the positions.[57]

Q: Baam wrote Rachel as the first in the friend list, is it ok to write others’ names?(05/15/2011)

  • A: Baam wrote it. Baam and Rachel have the ‘exact’ same handwriting.[58]

(05/16/2011) Q: How many bangs can Laure control? What about Myun and Soo?

  • A: Well, I haven't set anything specifically; ^^ More than 3 for sure.[4]

Q: Can a guide, like its name, find solutions or grasp the opponent's strength, bloodline, and ability?

  • A: An exceptional guide is able to do so exactly.

Q: Are "shinheuhs" basically fishes that live in the Tower?

  • A: Shinheuhs and fishes are different. Fishes live in water, and shinheuhs live in shinsoo. They are completely different living beings.

Q: Koon’s mother looks scary. Does Koon not resemble his mother? (06/02/2011)

  • A: Koon resembles his mother. It’s just because I drew her that way;; but in reality she is a great beauty. She is a wife of a House head, so of course she is not ugly haha. Koon’s eyes and hair come from his father ^^ Koon Eduan, the father, is a big guy with boldly handsome face. He is different from feminine?! Koon.[59]

Q: Is Quant a type of person who takes a responsibility for what they had said? (06/07/2011)

  • A: Quant: If anyone dies here- you’re all dead. Hoh died. Quant takes no responsibility for his words. His is a great guy.[60]

Q: Was there any meaning for putting certain characters in the episode 0? (07/30/2011)

  • A: I just put them there because they were doing good in the Best Challenge.[61]

Q: How did Yuga came to the second floor? Was there no guide with him? (07/30/2011)

  • A: He was with a guide when he came. Actually, if you do not roam around the Middle Area like Yuri, it’s not necessary to accompany a Guide.[62]

Q: Where are Zahard and the Ranking Administrators? How many irregulars have entered the tower? [3rd question was not written] (08/01/2011)

  • A: They are in the top floor. The current number of irregulars is a secret.[4]

Q: 1. What’s the house symbol Quant and Lero Ro have on the cloth? 2. Are Quant and Lero Ro friends each other? (08/28/2011)

  • A: 1. It is a symbol of an organization that supports Test Admins. 2. Lero Ro and Quant climbed the tower together from a certain point. You can look at them as a one team. But Quant is older.[63]

Q: Where did you get the idea of Rachel? Is it from bible?

  • A: Yes she came from that Rachel ^^ [64]

Q: The reason why they planned the Crown Game is confusing (08/30/2011)

  • A: Before starting the Crown Game, and after Quant and Yu Hansung’s conversation, you can see Yu Hansung lying on a bed saying “I knew I was smart.” to himself. This shows that Yu Hansung sent Rachel in order to interrupt Baam. So Yu Hansung, from the very beginning, knew that Quant would mess up the test, and placed Rachel in that test location. In that way, Rachel can naturally join with Baam when taking the tests.[65]

Translation of Siu's tweets 2012~2014

Hi, these are Siu's tweets from 09/23/2012 to 12/08/2013.[66] More will come later :)

My English is not perfect, so if you have any confusions, feel free to ask. But if it is about a specific episode, please check the episode first.

If you want to check the original tweets, I have retweeted them at

I have marked my comments with *

If you have any suggestions doing this, please leave a comment.


  • I named Urek because I like rockfish (*ureok in kr), makes me want to eat rockfish whenever I see the name.


  • I wish Yuga will appear again


  • Deadline.. It seems that when there is Koon, it takes longer time drawing. I should have made Parakewl as the protagonist


  • Anyway it is closer to nipper than knife. The top and bottom move like scissors.. Ish minor detail (* it seems that this refers to Traveller’s weapon)


  • There are many of you who asked Hatsu’s height.. Right now he is similar to Koon but because of hairstyle, he looks taller


  • Yihwa is smaller than Viole~ If comic book comes out, the height data will probably be included


  • Hatsu’s skill that was shown in today’s episode was also used in season 1. It might be interesting to compare


  • It is correct that Viole is a parody of Saint Tail..


  • When I was young, I found an anime video my sister had hidden, so I called my friends to watch it together, but the video was.. Evangelion movie.
  • Watching that video, my friends and I were shocked with horror. After we finished, I remember that we were all like: ‘what the hell was that?’...
  • To compensate my failure, few days after I have called my friends again to watch another video that my sis hid, and that was… ‘X movie’ (*by Clamp)
  • After that day, my friends never came to my house again to play
  • I should have noticed when I saw Shinji’s poster in my sis’s room…
  • Anyway, because of that shock? I almost never watched Evangelion. I like Gainax’s works but I cannot really watch Evangelion;
  • Ironically, it was Evangelion’s cockpit that first came to my mind, when I was trying to come up with Shinsoo


  • It is correct that the redhead appeared in today’s episode is Amigochaz. He became like that after hanging around with cool kids.
  • The wings are removable
  • Skin is also removable..


  • If they did not make an eternal life contract, they all age. It is just pace that differs from a person to person. But once they get into the inner tower, the aging process does slow down. And actually, even if you made an eternal life contract, not everybody stops aging :) Growth just ceases at some point.


  • By the way, Wangnan is not the main character of the Workshop arc. People ask me why Wangnan, season 2’s main character, is getting less screen time; but right now if I increase Wangnan’s screen time, the plot will get too complicated :)
  • In Wangnan’s case, he holds one of the biggest pieces(Jahad’s ring) of the plot, and he will have more screen time later in main plot, so you do not have to worry too much;
  • Anyway, the main focus of the Workshop is Emilie :) Individual stories will be summed up at single matches.


  • It is correct that Ran’s hairstyle came from Saiyan
  • Ran vs. Anak also came from my memory of watching Goten vs. Trunks. Ran’s technique from today’s episode was also intentionally reminiscent of Kamehameha :) You can consider it as an homage


  • The side story that I dropped was about Koon trying to catch Ran


  • Hmm.. Hansung camouflaged Baam’s death to make him Slayer nominee, not to harbour him. I don’t think it needs any more validity than that
  • About Akryung, it will be explained later in story. To begin with, story is a process of making readers question, and then giving the solutions later. Just because the solutions are not given yet, I think it is haste to say the questions are wrong in the first place :)
  • It is correct that none other than regulars can intervene with the test, is the rule. But for Ren, the Test Director Hansung himself promised to ‘help the assassination,’ so he could do it. You may have missed that part.
  • About that, of course Hansung was just playing with Ren. You can clearly see this if you look at his conversation with Yuri. For Ren’s case, he did not necessarily destroy the setting, ‘when you get involved with regular’s test, you will get killed’ can be the appropriate conclusion :)
  • In Anak’s case, it was important to get rid of her before their dirty secret is exposed. But now that it has all been revealed, well :) Of course she is still a subject to elimination
  • If you are interested in political issue, You can probably guess why it got harder to get rid of her.
  • Also, Jahad is a king but the tower is not a communist country. (*may be he meant totalitarian?) Endorsi being done something wrong as a princess and her receiving popularity from the public are totally different problems.


  • (responding to question about Baam’s love interest=heroine) Heroine of the Tower of God is alligator.


  • Yuto will appear later. She is similar to Hwaryun.. Hwaryun knowing what will happen to the Workshop has already been hinted from her conversation with Wangnan.

Translation of SIU's tweet 2014-2015 june

This is longer than the first post. More will come later

Enjoy :)

Original tweets ->


  • May be I can also try idol manhwa with ToG..
  • Accepting recommendations for main vocal
  • I realized Wangnan is popular..
  • (follow up images of Wangnan and Baam as vocals. I will organize tweeted images later. Or, you can go to my tweeter and scroll down to the date)


  • Right now Hoaquin is a little over 150cm. May be because of today’s drawing, I guess he looks taller than what I had in mind..
  • Basically regulars carry foods in their inventories. There are more in the train. May be you will see them later.


  • I just thought of this when I was looking at a car, Hoaquin looks like Audi..
  • Is Koon Benz (*In Korea, luxury car names are used as slangs for successful men that treat women well. Basically the ones you see in K-drama. Benz is the most commonly used car brand.)
  • I cannot accept that Koon is Benz >:(...
  • Maybe Baam is a friendly bicycle?


  • It is not me who rotates Baam. He is rotating himself. (*rotate in kr is slang for making someone suffer. So in this context, Siu meant he is not the one making Baam suffer, but Baam is making himself suffer)


  • Baam is a character that has a quite number of panels that I have to redraw in each episode... If my hand is not warmed up, I start drawing other things first.
  • So guess who is the easiest character when my hand is not warmed up.
  • R.. Rak. Yes that is correct. I guess it was too easy
  • Hansung is difficult. (flatly)
  • Hoaquin.. I guess takes the longest time


  • (regarding Raguel’s position) She is anima and scout


  • I plan out settings first, and it changes little depending on the story. So some of them will be different from the original setting~ I chose the number billion because it will make White’s atrocity more extreme :)
  • It is correct that the number billion came from having about one continent in mind


  • I do not hate Hoaquin. It is just difficult to draw..


  • I guess the big difference was that Rachel waited for god to choose her but Koon did not rely on god, and increased his chance of winning himself… Actually, the percentage does not mean much in tossing coin 3 times :)
  • In addition, the percentage that Hwaryun meant is about ‘the percentage of to be chosen by god,’ not of the front and back :)
  • No :) Rachel is a person who believes in fatalism. Because of what happened when she entered the tower, it is just that her positive aspect of it turned negative (the god does not like me) but still her nature stays the same. It might seem like Rachel had done nothing, but she tries to make Hoaquin act and stuff, so she does endeavor~
  • Like believing in stars… Rachel’s character is pure at essence


  • (question regarding how Rachel phrased her quote: “Unfortunately, Bam isn’t like you, cold-hearted man.”) Is that so :) I wanted to emphasize that Rachel knew Baam very well and at the same time she looked Koon as a cold-hearted man, so I made the part(*about Koon) come after, but maybe I need to think about it more :)


  • (regarding the week’s episode) Yuri probably has a bit of hassles in daily life..


  • (question about Yura’s screen time) Yes, I do not know about other things but Yura will have some screen time in later episode

Q: I want to ask about Urek's position, is he closer to wave controller or fisherman? 02/26/16

  • Probably fisherman.. Actually, fisherman as a position refers to a person who has a superior ability enough to cover all of the positions. The fisherman role that regulars usually take is just based on the tactic and can be regarded as a fake..
  • He is a hip hop musician


  • Lo was also a top fisherman who can cover it all during his regular time. He just shifted to what he does better after becoming a ranker~

Q: Didn’t Pedro expect this to happen when he let the last clone go? Why did he let her go? He could’ve just tied her up till the last moment and give the power to Hoaquin later (03/06/16 - 03/07/16)

  • Pedro.. Is planning to pour the boiling acid in case Baam wins :);

Q: And if his objective is White’s revival, shouldn’t have Pedro protected White’s power..? ;( As a person who wishes to revive White is now giving the clone’s power to Baam, I am getting confused about which side Pedro is on now...

  • Pedro does not have a qualification to have a control over White’s power. Even as a clone Pedro does not hold any power or right to stop the clone’s choice.. May be you are underestimating White woo much ;(
  • If Hoaquin wins he will have the clone so Pedro making the clone to participate in the last game is a correct answer. Even if Baam wins he can get rid of all of those who are locked in the core by boiling acid, so it doesn't really matter to Pedro :);;
  • In short, Pedro just threw the clone, the nuisance, to the last game as a bait. After all, if the clone makes up her mind even Pedro cannot handle her :);;


  • White’s birthday is March 14th. The reason you are thinking is correct


  • Fortunately, I do not have to take ‘love’ away from ToG’s theme…
  • It’s just that the word love was used in today’s episode :) I think I need to learn more and try harder to actually picture the love.


  • In this episode, what Arie Hon said to Hoaquin, can be looked as.. Hon looking through Hoaquin’s nature. House heads have good intuitions that are almost like fortune telling..

Q: what did Edhuan think of Koon?

  • Like a son who snatches money from father’s wallet to play a game? :)
  • As expected son and father fight wherever they go..
  • (to a person who wants to raise Hoaquin after seeing his childhood) But it is difficult to feed Hoaquin..

Q: (*regarding the quote: “From the servants, wives, and countless sons of the Arie family- their flesh, bones, and blood have gathered to create the great, one and only Arie blade.”) Does this mean that Hon actually makes sacrifices out of wives and children?

  • It is just a metaphor to say they keep up the family :)


  • This week, I was concerned about whether I should call sweetfish as sweetfish turtle or not, and if Baam will be ok when Yuri holds him tight..


  • About the image I posted on today’s blog post, the woman behind Koon is Maria. She is telling Koon to ‘hurry up-’ before going to the banquet. It is not what those of you with lewd thoughts are thinking of. I just wanted to say this because if not, maybe it will cause a big stir..
  • To think that I need to protect male character’s virginity


  • I think they always cut each other’s hair. There is not much difference from before, I just tied it a bit naturally :) (*I think this refers to Endorsi?)


  • Both Ran and Maschenny are children of Koon Maschenny. Because of the same name, I think it is causing confusion to some :)


  • Regarding today’s preview.. This might be a spoiler, but it is correct that in current situation Koon is the one who is most aware of what kind of stir it will cause when Baam uses the name Viole again.


  • They are all Oppa, so be at ease. This is a good-hearted webtoon that even the oldest woman on Earth can confidently call everyone Oppa.


  • W.. Well Eduan had not made an appearance yet so about his looks… His personality is manly type… and among house heads it has been set that he likes women the most....
  • Since he is the house head I think his hair color is more bluish than his children :)
  • (regarding Hatsu) Oh :) He has younger siblings. One sis and one bro.

Q: Do all princesses have guides? A: No :) guides are not something you can just have..

Q: What is Hatsu family like?

  • A: Well based on Hatsu’s image, I think it is the eldest son of 3 children, in a strict swordsman family kind of-ish :)

Q: (*about “Khun my love: I’ll kill you when I see you”) Why did Leesoo save Koon as (((Koon my love)))...!?! (06/26/16)

  • A: I guess it is Leesoo’s way of expressing fondness :);
  • (regarding Koon) 181m. The weight is classified

Q: About the preview, did Yihwa lose herself like when she did back in the train during this fight? Or not?

  • A: It is her basic ability :)

Q: You can't talk about Hatsu’s height yet..?? A: No but people said it will be weird for him to be tall.. So I may have to think about it..

SIU Q&A 09/13/2015

These are from Q&A SIU did with his fans in the fan cafe comment section.

Looks like this was never translated so I picked some ToG relevant questions. Hope you find some interesting information :)[67]

Q #1: What is the role of the mobile phone in the tower?

  • A: Inside the tower, it acts like a walkie-talkie. There are some places where there is a connection and no connection.. Pocket is a much better option, but the good thing about the mobile phone is that even those who are not regulars can use it.

Q #2: Can you talk about the stories after the Hell Train a bit..?

  • A: Umm.. Probably interesting? I cannot tell you precisely but it will be the beginning of the one of the main stories

Q #3: My favorite character is Yuje. Do you have any plans for him in future episodes?

  • A: Yuje is a character who is high in scarcity. Hurray for Yuje.

Q #4: Will Baam grow his hair again..?

  • A: W.. well. I have to ask to Baam.
  • Baam: That hair is inconvenient..

Q #5: What do Koon, Baam, and Wangnan do in daily lives when there are no tests?

  • A: Koon is good at spending time just by having some thoughts alone. Baam does lots of training. Wangnan rarely rests. He will do something whatever it is.

Q #6: When are you planning to draw stories about Koon catching Ran, Quatro’s gender, or the Mad Dog’s Angel?

  • A: The story about how Koon caught Ran will probably be featured in the Koon house story.. Quatro’s gender.. Can be revealed anytime. For the Mad Dog, there is a separate story!

Q #7: Vicente is so cute and pretty! Hwaryun is so charming.. Is she important? Please say she is important.

  • A: Viciente is indeed cute.. Yes, Hwaryun is important. She will be continuously making appearances

Q #8: What’s Baam’s birthday? What do you think about the ToG cafe’s favorite shipping, Koon x Baam?

  • A: Baam’s birthday is the biggest secret. Koom x Baam.. Well, I had let it go of me… I look at it with a heart of father-in-law-ish.

Q #9: Is Hwaryun still the prettiest regular?

  • A: Umm.. She is kinda like a forever No. 1 in my heart.. Yihwa is classy pretty~ Yura is also pretty~ They are all pretty~

Q #10: Will Koon ever have a relationship? Baam is getting a lot of attention from women in meanwhile..

  • A: Koon.. Well? We have to first start with the question whether he is a type of person to be interested in a romantic relationship or not..

Q #11: In episode 1, Baam had a nicely cut hair and wore a clean clothing. But wasn’t he used to have a long hair and wear a white rag? Did something happen right before Baam and Rachel opened the door?
A: Yeah, something had happened. You have very keen eyes

Q #12: Do Yihwa and Rak have any sort of connections? Maybe shipping

  • A: Ha ha. Rak is a real man, so he does not make something like that

Q #13: In terms of strength, who can we compare Rak and Koon to?

  • A: It will be depending on the position but they are similar to regulars from 10 houses

Q #14: Why are unimportant characters keep making appearances? They just depend on Baam and don’t do much to the plot. I don’t understand the reason of their existence. Also, in the Knot of Wool, did Rachel hide her lighthouse in the sunlight? If she did, did Koon notice it? I hope you can explain why she laughed like a crazy person afterwards, too.

  • A: There is no sun in the tower. There are just lights, and Rachel have never hidden her lighthouse. Rachel laughed because she was planning for a backstabbing, so of course. I like unimportant characters. ToG is a manhwa that needs unimportant characters as well.. Of course there are people who do not like them as well! I guess it depends on how good the author does?

Q #15: Is Aguero pretty or handsome..?

  • A: Handretty

Translation of Siu's tweets 2016 July - 2017

Translation of Siu's tweets 2016 July - 2017[68] Q: Koon's Hair? 07/10/16

  • A: Whenever I draw Koon’s hair I want to cut it some..
  • Also Baam and for Rak… I guess there is nothing to cut…

Q: Baam's birthday? 07/12/16

  • A: Baam’s birthday... is classified based on setting ;( But if you still want to celebrate, it is a good way to just celebrate my birthday instead (*SIU’s birthday is May 29th)

Q: Baam's height? 07/19/16

  • A: Height.. Is hard to just describe just little by little, so if there is a comic book or something.. When I have a chance to, I will list them all. Currently, Baam’s height is similar to Koon’s :)

Q: Does Leesoo still see Hatsu as my sweet little baby? 07/21/16

  • A: Now that he had seen them all, maybe Leesoo now thinks of Hatsu as an adult..


  • Personally, I think Koon is like a fox.. Baam is maybe a puppy.. Alligator.. Is just an alligator… I’m sorry..
  • Amigo is doing training, and Verdi was not interested in the situation so she stayed in upper floor along with other companies
  • Hatsu.. Is like a dog.. Sorry..
  • I try to avoid any questions related to power balance. Sorry~~


  • A: Hmm.. There are people who are curious about direct descents so.. Like in Yuri’s case, it is safe to assume that the children of the househeads' own children are treated with the same respect as for the direct descents… Yuri is house head direct descent + house head direct descent, it’s like super DNA..
  • In contrast, Koon should have been a direct descent based on the principle, but her mother’s bloodline isn't so good, so it is hard for him to be included among direct descents… Case by case… Kind of..
  • Maschennies have it stronger and stuff… It’s just the way Koon is :)
  • If you look at the whole house I guess you can say that. Koon means just the house head on a small scale but also can mean the Koon house on a larger scale..

Q: Why did the sweetfish save Koon? 08/15/16

  • A: Sweetfish is obedient to mast…


  • A: The shinsoo control that Baam used to stop the connector during his fight with Love, is a bit different from the reverse-flow control. Reverse-flow control is, as Quant explained, turning shinsoo in the opponent's body to reverse-flow and stop the movement. To stop an object’s movement, you need to control shinsoo around it, but as it gets farther from your territory it becomes more difficult :)
  • Of course stopping objects or organisms around oneself can be a derivative of reverse-flow control, so it is hard to draw the line~ But it is just easier to just consider the reverse-flow control Baam uses as a technique that stops the opponent
  • As for the shinsoo bomb, it is made in a way so that the opponent cannot easily control it with shinsoo control, and anything that has suspendium in it is also hard for the opponents to control and stuff.. Ish setting :) It is hard to explain them all in the episode, but I will edit or add whenever it is insufficient :)
  • Among the 10 houses, Yeon family is the only family that you need to follow the spouse’s last name.. And for them, they follow the woman's last name. Outside of 10 families, it will depend on their house rules.

Q: Can you approve my marriage with Hatsu? I am very confident that I can make Hatsu happier than anybody else can!! (no basis 08/28/16

  • A: Hatsu is not so good at supporting a family

Q: Is Anima a separate position from wave controller?

  • A: It is hard to call it as.. Position. Swordsman and archer kind of.. Specialty? 09/01/16

Q: Reverse-control flow? Khun Ran? 09/04/16

  • A: Reverse-control flow is limited to shinsoo controlled by a person. It requires different type of shinsoo control to stop shinsoo bomb~ It is hard when it is far away
  • Of course it is not impossible to control bomb that is flying away with shinsoo or physical force
  • Hmm I do not really know about others, but I think Ran prefers a woman who is older than him

Q: What kind of style Baam reaaaaaaaaaally hates as a woman?

  • A: Hmm.. I don’t know.. But may be if there is a woman like Hansung…

Q: Is Arie Rose also a princess? Wasn’t Hagiperione the only Arie princes? 09/18/16

  • A: Besides the setting that now has become private, you will know it in future if you keep reading :)

Q: You had said that the number of princesses who are affiliated with the 10 houses are only 3, but now it has become 5. Can you explain what have happened?

  • A: Yep the number had increased due to the expansion of the storyline :)

Q: Was Urek stronger than ranker even before revolution?

  • A: Urash (*Urek+trash 우레기 in kr)... no revolution..

Q: Did urek board the train? Did he also do revolution? 09/19/16

  • There was one who posted a question on blog.. So Urek did board on train and met God of Guardians, but have never been through a revolution like Baam did… You can also see this on the webtoon, that the fact that they had met each other is the only thing mentioned, but nothing more..
  • And there were other criticisms as well and thank you for all of them :) There are many settings in blog that were written just for fun, so until they are actually shown on the episodes, it is safe to assume that they are not confirmed yet. If there are other things that contradict in episodes I will edit them :)
  • As I speak time to time, I had not taken care of blog setting for a long time, so there is big a difference from what is actually going on in the manhwa. As the story progressed initial settings had changed a lot, so.. As mentioned below these are flexible, so just read them for fun only
  • Because of this I wanted to make them private but then many of you wanted it to be public.. Whenever I am starting to forget, the problem comes up again.. *Maybe I will reconsider making them private again..
  • Oops.. there was a line that said “This is different from 10 house heads or Urek’s revolutions." I think instead of Jahad I had written Urek. I will edit it ;( I was the one who got confused ;(((( I am the fool ;(

Q: Does Endorsi has another name? 09/27/16

  • A: Yes Endorsi has another real name
  • She is a special case that has become a princess after an adoption :) Take care and have a good night :)

Q: Invinsible items? 10/23/16

  • A: By the way invisible items are not omnipotent…

Q: How jahad become king? what is position of Karaka? 10/30/16

  • A: Jahad had become a king by a contract :)
  • (regarding Karaka) Scout, wave controller, and fisherman

Q: How did Karaka knew Koon's name? 11/20/16

  • A: In s2/224, Karaka mentioning Koon is a mistake. I made a mistake in preview so I re-uploaded an edited version but I actually sent the previous version for the regular episode. Sorry for the confusion ;(


  • I was looking through old drawings for a comic book purpose.. And it feels like they are slowly becoming humans…


  • As for the preview.. Please think of it as a cute way of speaking rather than a dialect :) (*referring to Ai)

Translation of a Korean fan's Q&A compilation

ORIGINAL SOURCE : This is a translation of a Korean fan's post, who had summarized various Q&As with SIU. Because of this, there is a lot of information that is already widely known. I did not skip any questions just in case.

Some information had come from chats, so hopefully, there is some information that is hard to be found now and new to others.

  • There is a big difference between the number of weapons carried by a Ranker and by a High Ranker. If a Ranker carries 10, a High Ranker would carry 100.
  • The number of High Rankers is approximately 1000, and it is the top 1% of all the Rankers. In some occasions, if they do not seem to be qualified, they may not be promoted.
  • Yuri’s ranking is among 500, Evan is 100, and Evankhell is 60.
  • Evankhell is 6 meters tall and Rak is 3 meters tall.
  • Living princesses are 27, missing princesses are 8. The most beautiful princess is Adori Zahard.
  • Macseth: People from the Workshop call Macseth father. The best craftsman in the tower. He makes weapons and tools. The father of fire. He is the first one to come up with a mechanism that generates fire from Shinsoo. He usually does not make weapons, but had made one due to Arie Hon’s request.
  • The Wing Tree is not a well-organized organization. The executives of the Wing tree select new members from regulars themselves. In short, they are scouted for the executives' liking.
  • Once someone is selected as a regular, the family can live well for generations
  • Regulars in the Middle Area are mostly consisted of ones who are preparing for the tests.
  • The coolest man in the tower is Enryu and he also has a fan club. (btw Enryu is super strong)
  • Rachel is not a princess
  • Baam became cooler after being smacked by the Tights (Hwaryun). The personality remains the same.
  • Yuri wins if Yuri, the game machine, the guy with horns and white spear fight against each other. (casts from ep 25)
  • If the chance is given to him, ToG will be 3~4 seasons long. (SIU said that he once drew a side story for Yuri and it was more popular than ToG itself;;)
  • Between Koon and Rak, Rak is stronger in terms of physical strength but if they have a fight, Koon will win. He said that it does not make sense to compare someone from 10 houses to someone who is not in the first place (..)
  • Currently, Zahards’s royal government system is very closed. Zahard’s reign had been continued for several ten thousands of years and so were the glories of the 10 houses. It is natural that there are some groups that oppose this. Yuri feels very stifling from the tower in this state. It is a part of Yuri’s nature that she likes fun things and hates stagnant things. This is the answer to the question why Yuri wants changes in the tower, without spoilers.
  • Phantaminum is the strongest person in the tower. Insanely strong. Strong enough to destroy the world of the ToG. It seems that even SIU is thinking hard about whether to make him appear or not in the ToG (..) He was positive that Enrryu and Urek Majino from irregulars will appear, but for Phantaminum, things are vague;;
  • The ability that blocked the bullet attacking Baam in episode 22, is Black March’s.
  • Baam will make many women cry.
  • Endorsi is inherently stronger than Anak.
  • If positions fight each other, in most cases Fisherman wins.
  • The languages in the tower are all different. But because the standard language setting of the Pocket is Macsethian, others adapt to it. (Macseth made the Pocket)
  • It’s not that the storage of Koon’s bag Manbarondenna expands, but things go into it compresses. (Living organisms and Ignition Weapons cannot be copied) If capable, one can tear it from the inside to come out.
  • Yu Hansung is not a High Ranker. So is the Cricket (Lero-Ro).
  • Jahad cannot win against the Floor Guardian


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