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Ruel Mon (루엘 몬, luel mon) is an Advanced Ranker and the 7th executives in Yama's Pack.[1]

Appearance and Personality

Ruel Mon has light skin and is large in body size. He has long hair and wears a pink hoodie. He has canine ears like the rest of the gang. According to SIU himself, the base concept behind Ruel Mon as a character is a Canine people who became an idol otaku because of the "PTSD (Psychological Trauma Disorder)" syndrome from the last war that he saw.

He seems tired of war or fighting and just wants to rest. He didn't know the truth back then when he fought for Baylord Yama against Baylord Doom and trembles with trauma when he thinks about how many Canine people (his own race) that he has killed. The only thing that comforted him after the war was cute girl groups.

He is a big fan of Androssi Zahard, the new star idol in the Tower. Because of this reason too, Ruel Mon helped Ship Leesoo and Hatsu when they asked them to attack Doom.


Tower of God: Part 3

Baylord Doom (Arc)

He was introduced inside his room, sitting on top of Androssi's body pillow merchandise. He then tells his backstory to Leesoo and Hatsu, and then help them to fight Doom because Androssi is in Team Ship. After the Unnamed Ancient Spear fails to take down Doom, he ran away to hide inside his room.

Powers and Abilities

According to SIU, Ruel Mon is a Spear Bearer-Scout hybrid,[2] it means that his fighting skills style are a mixed of Spear Bearer and Scout. Because Ruel Mon also has precision and calculation abilities like most Scouts, this made Ruel Mon an independent, perfect Spear Bearer since he doesn't need support from a real Scout when he want to snipe his target from long range. Most of the times, people with Spear Bearer Position have trouble aiming long distance targets that aren't visible to the eyes and sometimes needs to be supported by a Scout or a Light Bearer. Because of this, Ruel Mon has a very amazing attack range and super accuracy, making him a very deadly Spear Bearer.[2]


Partial Mimicry

As the 7th strongest executives in Yama's Pack and also a member of Canines race, Ruel Mon is capable of using the Transformation power of the Canines, which is called the Mimicry. There are 7 "stages" of transformation process in Partial Mimicry and Ruel Mon was able to achieved Level Five, meaning that he is a pretty strong Canine people.

  • Stage 5 Partial Mimicry - Black Dragon: Ruel Mon was forced to use this Mimicry form because he had to throw the Unnamed Ancient Spear. He cannot touch the ancient spear without transformation power because the spear has a very special power to send a wave of pain if someone other than the ancients touched it.



Ruel Mon has displayed an amazing control skill over at least hundreds of Observers that were spread all over The Cage. This was showed when Ruel Mon can quickly find the location of the nucleus bomb that was used by the Elder's envoy Mule to threaten Baylord Yama.[3] It seems like Ruel Mon also is the one in charge of public security, reconnaissance, and information intelligence in The Cage because Ship Leesoo found out there are many hidden Observer that operates like a security camera or CCTV.[4]



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