The Royal Enforcement Division or simply RED, as its name suggests, is a faction among the Zahard Family that serves Zahard. The main purpose of the Royal Enforcement Division is to uphold and enforce Zahard's will within the Tower.

This division is part of the Zahard Family but the members don't bear the surname of Zahard. None of them have received the powers of Zahard and they don't call the King "Father", unlike the Princesses who also belong to the Zahard Family. However, RED does receive the protection of the King,[2] in exchange for upholding the Zahard Family name and image.

The division has an infamous reputation in the Tower and even among the Zahard Family,[3] as Ren was called "an assassin of the Zahard Family".[4]

Hierarchy and Structure

The Enforcement Division has independent ranks and a command hierarchy. It seems a member is chosen from those "worthy of bearing the Crest of the Crimson Three Eyes"[5] and likely, appointed by the King or the Commander. To be chosen, they must be very talented and be a Ranker.[5]

Known Ranks: Commander, Vice-Commander (there might be more than just one).

It seems that each member is issued a number. For example, Ren is No. 67 of the division.[5]

Loyalty to the King

The Royal Enforcement Division serves Zahard and no one else. However, most of them feel no loyalty to Zahard. This is because most of them joined for the thrill of battle or political gain, instead of a mere obligation to Zahard.

They also join to further their personal agendas as the Zahard Family brings prestige and many privileges. Being part of the RED places one in a position to eliminate potential or existing rivals of their Family's Princess. The only thing the members have in common is that they are all in awe of the power of Zahard.

Their Scope of Authority

The RED are likely part of a system designed to keep heresy inside the Tower in check. Their jurisdiction is decided by the King and only concerns the Princesses and certain issues related to them.

These include a Princess carrying out her assigned duties, her personal conduct and the rules governing all Princesses, the 13 Month Series rules or unlawful orders issued by a Princess; the RED must uphold the name and reputation of the King and the Zahard Empire. The RED member may also ignore a Princess' offences, should they have valid reasons for doing so.[6]

Relations with the Princesses

The relationship between the RED and Princesses is somewhat complicated. They may cooperate in putting up a strained front before the King. However, they may clash openly when planning or carrying out missions. Other factors that affect their relationships include personal agendas, family politics or general relations between Princesses and RED members.

An example of the friction between the RED and the Princesses was when Princess Ha Yuri Zahard confronted Ren, both clashed on who would retrieve Green April or kill Anak Zahard.[7][6][4][8]

Orders and Missions

Take note that the King issues an order to the RED which reviews his order and related information. A mission is then issued to a RED member. The scope of that mission might be revised and even expanded over time.

After Ren infiltrated the Second Floor as Yuga, he discovered Anak also possessed the Black March. He included this information in his reports to his superior and also mentioned Baam could be a potential RED member. In his final report, he mentioned the blooming friendship between Androssi and Anak, saying "unless something unexpected happens, those two will certainly pass".[5] He also declared he would "definitely retrieve the Black March and Green April in the final test".[5] During the final test, he decided to get Androssi Zahard to execute the fake Princess, Anak Zahard, to uphold the reputation of the Zahard Family and prove her loyalty to the King.[9]

In the event that a RED member fails to complete a task, it seems they can make a report to their division and/or the King as long as there is evidence.[8]

Known Missions

  • To execute Anak Zahard's mother and to retrieve the Green April.
  • To retrieve Green April, Black March and execute Anak Zahard.

Notes and Trivia

  • Using the following comparison,[3] context will be drawn from real life: "Military police versus officials" where "officials" = "military officers" because of the jurisdiction of the MP.
  • It's unknown how much of a public presence they have, though the RED is quite infamous within the Tower.[3]
  • It's unknown whether a member can resign from the RED.

Alternate Translation

  • Jahad Royal Assassin Unit[10]
  • Jahad Royal Assassin Trooper[11]



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