Ha Yuri Zahard Style, Shinsoo Manipulation Technique: Murderous Energy - Rose Shower (하 유리 자하드식 신수 제어술 살인기 - 로즈 샤워, Ha Yuli Jahadeu-sig Sinsu Jeeo-sul Salin-gi - Lojeu Syawo)[1] is an extremely powerful shinsoo wave blast designed to kill.[2]

Yuri performs the skill by first charging pink-coloured Shinsoo into a huge Baang atop the palm of her hand, above her head. Immediately afterwards, red rose petals appear and gather to produce several pillars of an enormous scale (dwarfing the 'Name Hunt' Station). A huge blast of shinsoo is then released towards the enemy with the pillars of petals transforming into pillars of white light and a sea of red petals submerging the whole area.[1]

Notes and Trivia

  • According to SIU, This is a long distance killing move.[2]
  • Rose Shower isn't just a kind of normal attack. It was capable to terrorized Slayer Karaka to save his life, forced Karaka to activated his regeneration ability.[3] Not only that, Rose Shower also successfully forced Kallavan to block it's attack with the power of Essence of Bravery.[4]

Alternative Translation

  • Killing Technique: Rose Shower[5]
  • Murdering Blow - Rose Shower[6]


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